Enclosed trailer build

Starting an enclosed trailer build and looking to put a protection on the floor, any recommended products? I did look through the prior posts but did not locate anything. Thanks in advance for the help!

If your trailer has a steel floor then it is worth considering ’ Intershield 300 ’ made by International Paints.
Two part pure epoxy designed for marine applications.
Requires proper surface preparation as described in TDS.

The standard cargo trailer, three-quarter inch plywood flooring with a steel frame.

I think past threads have indicated raptor liner and deck over. It might be worthwhile searching for those terms. :+1:

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If I had it to do over again I’d go with raptor liner. Deck over wore okay, but not great.

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I’ve had good luck with deck over

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If it works for you stick with it. I just know that mine so shows every little stain, soaks up oil drops from the machines during an oil change, won’t clean worth a hoot, and where the bleach tank is it’s pearl white and the wood is rotting away.

It’s not the best I’m sure but it has worked for me. had I had the time and money I would have taken it and had it linexed before I remounted everything. I was trying to get back to work as fast as I could. I’m slowly but surely reducing the amount of bleach I use because I’m trying to do more commercial and reduce the residential. for the first time that I can remember a lady called me this morning because a olive tree is loosing some leaves from a house wash I did last week. I thought to myself that I will be glad not to have to deal with OCD Homeowners. she was out there when we were putting her stuff back on the patio saying (move it about 2 inches to the left or 3 inches to the right and so on. I’m really focusing on commercial flatwork and storefront window cleaning even if I have to slow down and not make as much for a while and grow it a little slower

I went to Lowes and got some kitchen vinyl flooring off one of their giant rolls. It was a bear having to glue it down but it’s quite durable.


Has anyone on here used or thought of composite decking ? Just wondering how it would hold up

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I can see how Trex might hold up, sure.

My main concern was water leakage rotting the existing floor so I opted for the vinyl.

Yeah,sorry to derail on an enclosed trailer topic. I was thinking it be useful on an open trailer.

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Thanks all! I’ve decided to go with Raptor floor lining. I have a couple compressors and I can get all the product plus an air gun for about $450 from Amazon, less if I don’t do the under carriage of it. I called LineX and received a quote for $1800 for an 7x14 with a ramp door interior only. @Hotshot I agree Trex would hold up but make sure you have 16" OC floor supports and remove the original floor. It would be a great way to have air movement with in the trailer!

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Nah @SafeServices , I misread you topic,my bad. I was thinking of composite on an open trailer. I think if you apply that theory to an enclosed trailer it would defeat the purpose of a rain tight,and semi debris free trailer, plus it be hard to keep your rig warm in the winter with a barn heater to winterize.