Eley hose reels

Has anybody tried these out? (For water supply only)

Cheaper than converting a high pressure reel and they have a 10-YEAR no-leak, no-rust, no-break warranty/guarantee. I just ordered one ill let you guys know what I think.

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$70 more and you can buy a cox and not fight a small residential reel…

Ir holds 150ft and 225ft if you buy the $20 extension. Not sure a Cox has a 10 year warranty either.

My cox holds 400 plus for $240 and I’m not worried about a warranty. Only thing that can really go bad is swivel and I’ll just pop a new one on in 3 years. image


Point is 225 foot of hose weighs quite a bit, the frame in that holds from one side, it will be a bear to crank up without a good frame under it. Pumps, hoses and reels are where you don’t cut corners. Trip over dollars to pick up penny’s, if you are set on that reel then give it a go. You wanted an option and I gave er

I hear you. I have 125ft for the reel of garden hose and that should be enough for almost everything so it shouldn’t be too much weight. I’ll be the 1st to tell yall if It is crappy but I thought I would give it a try.

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Is the green hose reel a garden hose and the yellow is your high pressure hose? Ideally, I would like my two reels to match and I’m having trouble finding a GH and HP hose reel that match.

No, green hose is my old garden hose. I have replaced it with flexzilla since this photo. yellow line is Kuri-TEK softwash line. and i have a reel with 200 foot of blue pressure washer line mounted on the curbside bed of the truck.

Why matching?

So I can look like a pretty pretty princess of course

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I just looked more into it and if you mount it to a trailer, your warranty is voided. Must not be able to handle that very well