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I would think they would just ask you if it complies with all laws but you would likely know better than me. :+1:


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They ask if it contains liquid. If you answer yes they ask what. They don’t want to ship hazmat and expose drivers without knowledge of the chemical. I’m sure their system will not allow it.

If I’m being completely honest gain dish soap really does just as good of a job. I have noticed so little difference in the quality of clean. I use eliminator because I like the masking power and dislike weird looks when you are buying large quantities of dish soap at the store. I bought 5 gallons of roof snot, eleminator, and gutter grenade at once this summer. Haven’t even opened the gg and the snot has about 95% left lol


Please note the above statement if the case for my area. Results may vary and my advise should be taken with a grain of salt.


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Costco sells Dawn and probably Gain in large containers. We buy it for kitchen use.


I think it was @Racer who said he jumps up and down every morning while he shaves hoping Cali slides off due to it. I use that line fairly regularly now haha Thanks Rick! My Aunt is flying out there in the morning for a work trip and I told her while she is gone I will hold off on my routine.

If I knew someone out there I think I might risk it. The only reason I may not is because it’s a liquid and they aren’t completely ignorant. When someone from another state is sending some kind of liquid it’s not to hard to figure out why.


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Depending where your at ship a bunch to Oregon, Nevada or Az and go pick it up


Nope! You are referring to PROP-65, which is the law that says if your product contains any of the following ingredients that are known to the state of california to cause birth defects, cancer, and or reproductive harm you must highlight that on your label with a specific phrase. It’s still legal to ship prop-65 items into CA, and people that live there just ignore those words because it’s on so much they have become immune to even seeing it, it’s even on beer and aspirin.

It won’t be the same in CA.

Okay, straight from the Chemists mouth on what is going on. There is a thing called CARB (no it’s not low carb) that stands for the California Air Resources Board. They have said that any consumer chemical (which they all are) that is used in the state falls into a category. This category decides how many VOC’s it can contain. VOC = Volatile Organic Compound. …otherwise known as the solvents that actually work at removing dirt and oil. Butyl is a good example of a VOC that you guys use probably daily.

So, your product label and literature has to conform to one of these categories. My guess would be the Elemonator falls into the “general Purpose Cleaner” category which is defined as:

A product that is designed or labeled to clean hard surfaces in homes, garages, patios, commercial, or institutional environments. “General Purpose Cleaner” includes products that clean kitchens, sinks, appliances, counters, walls, cabinets or floors and products that claim to clean a variety of similar surfaces such as plastics, stone or metal.

You know how many VOC’s we are allowed to put in there???


I can’t even make a glass cleaner work with that level of VOC’s in there. It takes solvents to clean PERIOD…so California has crippled the cleaning market by making everything that should clean not actually able to clean.

I suspect the Elemonator exceeds this VOC level (almost everything does). So if they sold into CA they would be opening themselves up to a huge fine. It’s much easier to ignore that one state and write on your other labels “Not for sale In California”, that way they are covered. It’s what we do with several products at my company.

CA has made it ridiculous to clean anything. The other way around the rules is to sell something labeled as a Paint Stripper (50 VOC’s allowed there), and tell people it’s actually a house wash, but to the naked eye it appears to be a Paint Stripper. It gets SOOOOO convoluted, but I’ve done it. It’s what you sometimes have to do. See there is no rule that says you guys can’t use XYZ Paint Stripper to clean a house, but there are a lot of rules that say I can’t sell a house wash into CA with a VOC content greater than 0.5%.

Any questions?


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No, I think you summarized it all!


Pressuretek website states Elemonator isnt even legal for Use in CA, let alone for sale in CA.


CA Hasn’t banned the use of any chemical that may be in Elemonator.

What it says on the website is:

_ As of October 10, 2018 , Pressure Tek Sales can no longer accept orders from residents of the State of California due to recent changes in Proposition 65 legislation (www.p65warnings.ca.gov). While we support the spirit of the legislation, Pressure Tek has determined it is no longer cost effective to continue doing business in California. In addition to the financial investment compliance with Proposition 65 requires, the ambiguity in the compliance language and penalties for non-compliance have caused some of our suppliers to stop shipping orders on our behalf to California residents. For these reasons, we have removed California from our website address options. To further limit our liability exposure regarding Proposition 65 this removal includes both shipping and billing address options._

_ As of October 10, 2018 , all product pages on our website will also include:_

“Not Legal for Purchase or Use in the State of California”

Pressure Tek will continue to honor existing warranty claims, to the extent we are able, until those expire. If you have a warranty concern you may email us at sales@pressuretek.com or visit the website and use a Rapid Response Form.

_ Pressure Tek does not consider this a permanent arrangement. Our hope is the compliance regulations will be simplified and clarified so business with California residents can resume in the future. We would like to thank our California customers for their years of support and look forward to the opportunity to serve you again -_

So to me, I think they don’t want to put on all their labels that their product contains a chemical known to cause cancer.

I also think they had problems with the VOC content rules.


I recently heard that all babies born in CA starting 2019 will have a prop 65 label tattoo’d on there butts because evidently life is terminal and causes cancer.