Elemonator - CA

Anyone have a gallon of elemonator they could sell me & ship to CA? I will pay shipping.

Pressure tek doesn’t allow me to buy the product in CA & I can’t find any other distributor that sells it…

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For one million dollars! Lol

I’ll see if I have a gallon to spare. I don’t think I do but I’ll look tomorrow night!

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Wouldn’t that be illegal? :flushed:

If they told me at the post office it was illegal to ship it I wouldn’t. But it’s likely just a pita for the big guys on regulations.

Why would want to put someone in such a position? Much risk for little gain.

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So you think the law regarding disclosure and liability only applies to large companies? I honestly don’t know either way.

It may have a chemical known to the state of California that causes cancer. I am guessing that is the reason.

Yes. …

Well everything causes cancer according to California…


It’s likely they would just mail it back. I can’t see me wearing bracelets for mailing it. But if I have it to spare I’ll call the post office and ask. I’ll even provide an msds sheet.

Does the PO enforce it? I thought it would be the State of CA?

Yes, when you are a major supplier you are put into a different category in the eyes of the epa. At work we are considered a “major producer” because of all the things we keep on campus. It’s likely that they are on the same playing field and that limits what and where you can send chemicals.

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The post office has nothing to do with it. It’s a CA law. It may be a stupid law, but it’s not cool to ask someone here to break it and potentially cause grief to himself. If the cat wants it bad enough he can cross the state line to get it or move.


I’d move. When I first met Blaire she said she dreamed of living out there someday. I told her it wouldn’t be with me!


The PO should ask you what it contains and make sure it’s allowed.

Thank you sir!

F the LAW! Haha

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No offense @cityblasting but it wouldn’t break my heart if California had that earthquake that sent the state floating… I know most think the same for Illinois though. But I live in Illinois and not Chicago.

Wouldn’t you be better off finding a temp alternative locally until you find a surfactant you’re happy with…and able to get locally? Getting someone to send you a gallon won’t get you too far.

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When I met my wife she told me she would never move out of the state we’re in. Recently we’ve talked about moving out of the country at retirement. :astonished: