Ego vs. Giving Back

I was lucky enough years back, and helped clean the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. I picture was taken by a vendor who was the manufacturer of the surface cleaner I was using. That picture landed me a cover shot on Cleaner Times. And the manufacturer even used the same picture for several advertisements. I never felt the need to have my name on the picture. I had the feeling of both being honored enough and lucky enough that a picture was taken while I was giving something back. And yet lucky enough to get my picture on a cover of an industry magazine.

Do we as contractors have no dignity to give back to both our customers and clients? Do we not have a need or feel a need to give back? And if and when you do is it necessary for you to get recognition?

It seems to me like we have a responsibility to help where we can. It would seem odd if we only gave if we got stroked in exchange. Good points Rob.

I agree, I guess it’s an individual’s prerogative to give back or not. I feel it’s important for our Company to give back because we’ve been blessed as to what I consider “A Successful Small Business”.

Now that being said, it’s also up to the individual of how he wants to handle this. I feel more satisfaction by giving back with no adulations or acknowledgements of our contribution(s).

I know some are proud of what they have done, and that’s cool, but I’m really tired of the I, I, I, Me, Me, Me, that I see on the net all the time from the same people…You’re either doing good for your Community and what is “Right” or you’re doing it for your Ego.

I commend the Contractors that give back because it’s “Right”…The Right you never hear about…Good For You Guys!!!

I have come across a lot of people that have given back. From Micha K, Thad E, Jermey K,Guy B to William Page and many others have helped and guided me pass my very old ways many many years ago. Now I love helping when I can with advice and tips whenever I can. I love seeing people’s reactions when theyfind out you can reach a 3 story home properly with out using a ladder and it’s going to help them feed their family.

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Wait for it…

Nice, stimulating subject, Rob.
I have a variety of views on giving back and simply giving.
Our paying customers are to me the most obvious ones who contribute to our level of success. I don’t mind going the extra mile or doing something genuinely nice for the ones who have stuck with me and accepted that I have to make a living in this the second decade of the 21st century, and those who have recommended me over and over again to family and friends.
As far as what some call ‘giving back to the industry’, I’m not so sold on that. The ‘industry’ is not a living dynamic entity and doesn’t bestow riches and favor upon us. It simply exists.
I believe that for those who have been able to step up their game due to the generous and patient giving from those capable on the forums and in other personal ways, they are showing good class by sharing with new ones as they become seasoned.
It’s a joy for me to pay it forward to those who seem to be ready to run with the good advice I can give, more in the window cleaning department at this point. I don’t mind a little recognition, but also don’t crave it. If one wants so badly to be in the spotlight and be considered relevant, he’d better bring the complete package to the table.

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Sometimes its nice to get some recognition, but Ive reached the point where just helping someone out is enough. Its a nice feeling.