Eddm what design worked for you!?

For all my guys that are using EDDM, would you mind sharing a photo of what mailer worked best for you? I’m in the Brevard county, Florida area so I don’t expect any competition to want to help. Just interested to see what works for everyone else before I sign up and do a round. Also, what company did you use? TIA

That’s an eddm that had a high response rate 2 years ago. I hate the pictures but it’s a good layout example.


Also we dont use a company. It’s easy enough to do most of the legwork yourself through the post office. It also allows you to be more selective with the routes in your area you know will pay off.

Interesting, does the post office charge you for that?


Yes bulk mailmrates normally between 13 and 18ncents per adress. https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/customer/routeSearch.action
Check out the prices on some of your local routes

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Holy smokes that is cool! It’s so detailed

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Is that a mr fields postcard?

Yes. Pat Clark inspired Tim fields post card. I have some nice door hangers for 5 around as well. Good quality products


I know there’s no real answer to it. But is sending these out actually worth it?

I think it depends on the area. Yes, it takes several rounds, but every region, even county to county, can be different. Same way that some guys have a ton of luck with yard signs, while someone in the next state over may have no luck with the same sign, even in a crowded metro area. Once you find out what works best, and where, then you hammer down on em. For me, it even varies between postal routes. I did 4 rounds to the same couple of neighborhoods, all with vinyl siding houses, dirty drives, and hoa’s. Even did a round of door hangers and several yard signs. Got 2 gutter cleaning jobs out of it. Next town over, hit one neighborhood (same house style w/hoa) with a round of door hangers. Out of about 100 door hangers, we got about $1k in house washes. I will be running eddm in that area soon.

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I’m not big on multiple rounds of eddm unless I get at least a mediocre response to the first mailing. I can see the logic in being seen multiple times before a response but it just seems like a waist of money that could be spent elsewhere. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to bigger companies advertising.

That’s why I quit after about 4 rounds last year. Now the neighborhoods that responded well to door hangers on the other hand, I will be hitting them and their neighboring neighborhoods up with eddm.

I agree he makes some good stuff. Just got some 5 arounds from him and love his yard signs.

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