EDDM advice

Going to do eddm for first time have a few questions
I am only goin to do 1000 for first time
What is normal return I know it varies just wondering average rate of return
And what is best area to target I am thinking middle and upper income
When is best time to do it now or wait till weather starts to warm up a little

Ring in on this Tim if you dont mind

I’m here for you Baker.

Send it when it is warm out.

One half of one percent response rate. Maybe. Maybe less.

Vinyl houses, owned by people with decent jobs, preferably where enough trees exist to aggravate mold growth on siding.

The piece is important. Timing is very important. Repeated mailings are important as well.

A $300.00 direct mail campaign is not likely to set the world on fire.

be prepared to get zero call the first time,

Define Warm Outside? Is March too early, or May too late?

It’s never too late, as long as it’s warm outside.

It’s warm outside when people are spending time outdoors and realize that their house needs washed.

The postcard marketing Gurus will tell you not to look at response rate. Look at your “ROI” or Return On Investment.

If you send out 5000 postcards and it cost you $1500 and you only get 10 jobs out of those 5000 postcards but you make $10,000 from those 10 jobs, are you really concerned that you got such a low response rate? Of course not!

Stop looking at response rates and figure out what you ROI is after sending them out and completing the jobs.

Also, when you send out postcards, not everyone will respond right away to your offer for various reasons. The time may not be right, it may not be in their budget at that time, they may have other things going on and just don’t have time to call you . But if you send out postcards to the same list on a regular basis, some of those people will hang onto them and call you down the road when the time is right for them!

You may have been thinking when you first sent out the cards that you weren’t getting very many calls and then months down the road out of the blue you get a call from advertising on your postcards you sent out 6 months ago!

If eventually you are not getting a great return on your investment, then you need to look at the demographics you are sending to and your message on the postcard and adjust them for future mailings. Always track your results by asking the customer how they heard about your company .

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Thanks to you all for all the great info

I would look into sending out 5000 rather then 1000 because odds are with a 1000 you might not get a call the first time which can be discouraging. As far as when to start sending them that really depends on your area and how the weather does what, and when. For my area eddm isn’t usually successful until April.

They send by mail route so you basically have to target the neighborhoods you want to service. You know which ones those are. Go to your post office and ask them to see the mail routes so you can figure out which ones you want to target. MAKE SURE you plan to send a second round to the same homes within a month or so. It is so very important to target the same homes more then just once. You HAVE to commit to sending them out more then just once or you will never see the roi you hear about from everyone else.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Go here to research your available routes. [COLOR=“#0000FF”]https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/customer/routeSearch.action[/COLOR]

I am on a first name basis with half a dozen postmasters and I don’t think you would typically get very far asking them to explain the EDDM program or their routes. Besides, the USPS website has basic demographics available.

I was going to say Tim but didnt that im fortunate because the nice postmaster lady liked me from day one and was very very helpful which helped a lot! Let me know if I can be of any more help!

This is fact… I remember quoting out a job last Spring and the customer had 3 different mailings from us all saved over the end of the prior season. It was kind of flattering lol