EBC cold water for the WIN

EBC is a life saver/money maker!!! Check out this before and after of a nasty staff entrance for the kitchen staff at a local burger joint. I applied EBC real strong with a pump up sprayer at 50/50 because I wanted to impress them and it has never been cleaned. I used my surface cleaner to get a nice finished surface but just for fun I rinsed the whole area after a 15 min dwell and a light agitation with a stuff broom. This was all done with COLD water too! The grease just rinsed away, pretty great stuff. I will now be going back for monthly cleans. Sending a big thanx to Carlos G. for all the helpful tips and email info he sent me. Stoked on this!!!

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors

That looks great.

That does look great!

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Could you email those tips please

I have had mixed results with EBC…on fast food drive thru lanes and around rear and customer entry points…even using hot water. I have gone to Purple Power for my degreaser.


This is a 4 year old post from someone that had been gone for almost 2 years. But I commend you on researching.