East Coast BBQ

Get registered here for the Pressure Washers / Window Cleaners:

East Coast BBQ

Looking forward to it

I think it just needs to be called “The Barbecue” if you’re not going to call it “The Picnic”!

I might just do that… :slight_smile:

I’m claiming that but you can use it.

I just watermarked it. It’s mine

I added a Beer to that Picture and put flames around the lettering and then watermarked it…hahahaha OK you can have it:rolleyes:

Ok I just signed up for the picnic. Who else is going?

Hey Clark who do you plan on going with?? We signed up for my family of four.

We have about 30 people signed up so far (tell your friends)


It will fill up quite a bit more as the date approaches.

Yep its free!

Looks like I’m going solo. My daughter who just came off of winning multiple national championships again in AC is doing a special class this Saturday and she dances all the time and wants to be there at all cost… So that knocks out my wife and my other girl…
So it’s solo time. I’m going to bring a little surprised there for someone.

Who else is going?

We got a bunch more sign ups this week… Looks like we will have some great weather!

You can just show up without being registered?? Working on making it, but not sure if I can…

For sure pop in if you can make it!

Are guys bringing there rigs and are there demos being done?

John there hasnt been much talk of it, but I would imagine a lot of guys will show up in work vehicles (Or at least I hope they will)

We do have space for demos!