Dwell / rinse time in summer

Hey guys question …for the summer heat making surfaces way hotter now what dwell time do you give your houses after you have hit them with chemicals …when i downstream with my 8gpm i turn my nozzel to rinse within a minute…but when i need to use my 12v for a hotter mix i feel like i either have to have my 8gpm on standby to rinse or im running to turn the bleach off …anyone got a better sollution rather then getting a remote shutoff ?

Invest in a remote, you will wonder how you ever made it without one…….

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Yea i know i just hardly use my 12v maybe for some really bad houses and driveways usually i downstream 99% of the time houses here are normally all vinyl so havent really needed one but when i do its such a pita

I think a remote switch is more useful in a downstreaming application. When we run a 12v it’s definitely a 2-man op, one with each hose following around the property.

Piece together your own DS remote, get the Teejet 2 or 3 way valve. Worth every penny. You can also just buy a Schertz Box and be done with it.

Regardless there’s no getting around having to rinse ASAP if you’re using a 12v. Too bad you can’t have multiple concentrations in the same line like one of those Coke machines at Fazoli’s. I guess that would be an Xjet but like heck if I’m dragging that bucket around again.

You made me bing Fazoli

Lord a fazolis havent been to one in i think 20 years lol

Are you pre-wetting the siding? Here in South Carolina I typically pre wet each home, sometimes multiple times on the side the sun is on at the time of cleaning. 60-70 degree water cools off that siding that’s been baking in the summer sun.


Yea im in savannah ga i always wet everything first and get any loose debri off before i apply chem …and when i do use my 12v for hotter mixes ive always had my main unit waiting to rinse i just really hate the hassle of having 2 machines on set up and packing it up and hose mangement sucks lol

What are you using the hotter mix for? Just the heavy build up on vinyl siding or the occasional stucco, etc? For vinyl, why not just continue to downstream and hit with your mix a second or third time before rinsing? Perhaps you already are and I didn’t see that somewhere. Or carry another (stronger pulling) injector with quick connects already on it and just pop it in for that job then change it back to your regular injector at the next one.

I’m a fan of the FlowPro remote. Works as a bypass so you never have chemical going through the ball valve, and have full flow when rinsing. Seems pricy, but paid me back big time on my first large commercial project.

Combine that with a slightly undersized proportioning injector (like the gp stainless kynar from Dultmeier), and you’ve got tons of flexibility.

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Sometimes ill need it for driveways that are super bad or places on the house that i just need thst little extra bit

Brick, bad buildup on gutters, 50 year old sidewalks etc. Housewash won’t do much on that.

I’m a little confused how that works. Don’t you still have an injector on the pressure line?

Yes, it just turns your bypass on/off, not your chemical line…

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It’s awesome, pricey but what isn’t in this field…

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Yep, as @Kentucky1234 said, it operates an injector bypass.

The valve is a standard dn10 high pressure ball valve that can be swapped out in a few minutes. The actuator is specifically designed to hook right up to that standard valve. And because the valve is on the bypass, it never sees any chemical flowing through it. I’m guessing I should get a couple seasons at least out of it before needing to change the $40 valve body.

And I still have a poly ball valve on my soap line, so I can rinse out the injector at the end of the day.