Dumb question?

If you guys were doing a house wash with an exterior gutter clean to romove tiger striping, would you do the gutters first with the gutter grenade the. Wash the rest of the house with the normal chemical mix or vice versa?

Apply house wash , use brush with GG apply and scrub gutters, rinse and rinse… Finished! Be careful GG can rip off paint on gutters and spot siding… This is why we apply soap before scrubbing gutters, acts as a protective sheeting. If you do drip some GG on the siding immediately rinse off… Great product just know the correct ratios… Practice makes perfect!

Just don’t tell the homeowner that you are practicing on their house, lol. Be careful, a guy in my area is getting sued for a whole siding job because his employee allowed F-13 to get on the siding and made the whole house splotchy with clean spots on the vinyl. I suspect he didn’t pre-wet the siding and let the F13 dry.

Makes sense guys, thanks for the advice on that.

I’ll probably do one side at a time that Way I can pay attention to the dwelling and make sure it’s not drying on me without knowing it?

Hate being the new guy but want to be as prepared as possible lol

Just make sure you keep the siding really wet below the gutters you are doing, so that any drips are instantly diluted.

Understood, thanks again.

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