Dumb Question, But I Gotta Ask!

I just became the proud owner of an 8 gpm pump, driven by a Honda GX690. I’ve never owned anything bigger than a GX390 before, so some of the details are new to me.

Here’s the question: I’ve always turned off my small engines by closing the fuel valve to keep fuel from sitting in the carburetor, but from what I see in the owner’s manual it looks like the only way to cut fuel is to disconnect the battery. Am I missing something? I thought about installing a valve in the fuel line so I can cut the fuel, but I would like to know if there is a better way to do this.


Congrats on the new machine. You will love it. I just turn my key to the off position so I can’t help with shutting off the fuel.

Does anyone think that adding a fuel cut-off will have any negative effects on the fuel system, like causing vapor locks, etc? I found a shutoff valve, but I want to make sure it won’t mess anything up if I use it.

no you should be ok with out having to do any of that. There should be a Fuel Pump and it will not let the fuel flow.

Good to know. Thank you!

I would suggest for all small engines to run non ethanol gas

Congrats on the new machine. Those a money makers. Your only regret will be that you didn’t get one sooner.

Thanks! Too bad I have to wait until spring to use it…my winter project is a new trailer setup, featuring the new machine, of course!

You can’t wait till spring… You need to take it on a test drive!

I’d love to, but I have no way to set it up without having it on the new trailer, so that has to be done first, and I’m gonna take my time and do it right…though I am pretty antsy to try it out!