Dultmeier ordering


How has everybody’s experience been with Dultmeier? Considering ordering a few items from them and want to hear things that went well and things that didn’t. Anything about prices and customer service and shipping would be great.


Always a pleasant experiance. They are on the old school side of things, They charge for shipping til it ships. So be prepared for that.

But no complaints here, They have my business.


They estimate the shipping charge ( in my case was around 160. I think) and put a hold on your card. Then when it ships they charge actual shipping cost before releasing the hold from the estimated. So you have to wait to get your money back. I thought it was a poor practice. But as far as customer service they were great.


Very hard for me to figure out their website, even when I had the part number for the super injectors. Drill out all the proportioners that come in the bag to the size you want, grey for me. They keep snapping off inside the Barb. Not the greatest quality, but I like the not having to premix before downstreaming route


What’s your opinion on using a 1/4 in metered ball valve on the injector line to control flow?

I want to use the injector your talking about, but when I use to x jet I always lost and hated the proportioners


I have to keep everything simple and completely identical from truck to truck or the guys screw something up. The metering valve might work great, but if one guy turns it to much and didn’t turn it back where it was and the next guy fiddles with it, you get the point. It’s why I tack the jam nuts on the unloaders with the welder. I don’t want anyone messing with anything.


Works great, you don’t even need the metered ball valve just clear tubing so that flow is visible at injector barb and can watch the flow slow as you close the ball valve.https://pressuretek.com/poly-ball-valve-with-1-4-barbs/


I only use with 2-3gpm injectors I have more control of percentage.


I have a bunch of those… need something employee friendly. Hmm maybe I can make notches or something…

Thanks for the heads up, will try it


Bad website. Slow communication. Charge your card with a guesstimate price and then days later they refund you the difference. Totally weird way to conduct business in 2019.

Products and shipping (packaging) are good.

If you’re overseas - forget it and find someone else. Shipping is quadruple the price of elsewhere.

With Dultmeier, I got an injector and a 2315 gun delivered for $160 (shipping only) I had a 20” full stainless steel SC shipped from elsewhere (North Carolina) for $185.


Out of all the tips in the metering tips bag, the grey is the only one that gives a good draw rate for me too.