DS injector problem

Just tried a couple of brand new General Pump DS Injectors that are in every way identical to the existing injector I use on my 8gpm machine (with no problems). Problem is all the new ones seem to be restricting the machine (flow seems waaay down) and stuttering as if with air, there is very little flow, either with the chemical hose submerged or not, any ideas? I have tried several, all the same. I have checked they are in the right direction, that the check valve ball isn’t stuck etc…*

The orifice is marked as the same but looks a lot larger on the old one - I guess that is just due to months of corrosion though?

Sorry i have been a non-contributor for a while (something to do with becoming a father of 2 recently!) but will get back on here more soon…

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Congratulations on the two new!

We received a batch of injectors recently that didn’t play nice. Called Bob and had a fresh batch the next day. We’re back in action.

What are the injector ratings? 3-5 gpm or 5-8 gpm?

5-8, same as the existing one I use with no problems. I’m thinking the new ones may actually have the incorrect orifices installed in them. Testing that theory tomorrow…

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Have you added to your hose length? How many ft. Are you running?

Setup is 100% the same (apart from the new injector, obviously)

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Puzzling, no doubt.

Cameron, did you get the injectors from me about a month ago? If so General had a batch of injectors that had improperly sized orifices that were to small that would definitely give you fits. If so give me a call in the morning and I’ll take care of it for you.

Hi Bob, actually got mine from Russ, though this definitely sounds like the same issue. I did email Russ yesterday, just wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions for me until I hear from him. Thanks everyone for your input - definitely feeling like the orifices are the problem here.

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You can drill the orifices out. I’ll post the drill size tomorrow when I get to the information at the shop.

Awesome, thanks! That was what I was going to try tomorrow, but to know the correct size would be vhelpful

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Drill size is 3/32. Did some research online.

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Awesome! Many thanks!

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Happy to report all working fine today after drilling them out :slight_smile:

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