Drum Security

I have been researching methods on this subject and bouncing ideas around in my pea sized brain for a few weeks now. It doesn’t seem like there is much info about it on the forum, so I would like to get your take and experiences on the matter. Do you guys carry 55 gallon drums of sh on your trailers and how do you secure them. I’m focused mainly on open trailers since it seems like it would be a lot easier in an enclosed trailer.


The only security you’ll ever need.


I strap mine to the IBC tote with beefy ratchet straps. A 55 gallon barrel is what I use with my roof pump. My IBC tote is bolted down to the deck with about 67 U bolts.

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My best idea so far is a plastic pallet with a drum sized hole in the middle and 2 straps over-top in an x.
Not ideal for space sake but seems pretty secure.

That’s a good idea. Has it ever bent the cage?


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i guess that’s another thing to encourage me to run the plumbing out of the side of my tote as well.


I couldn’t put anything on my trailer if I had it running right down the center.

Ill be picking my drums up directly from the warehouse and i don’t think they have the drum attachment on their tow motor so Ill probably have a small drop off the skid. So another skid to make up some of the difference wouldn’t hurt. Or i could always use a tire lol.

If you have metal rails, bend a piece of rebar around a drum and weld it in place. I’d the trailer rolls it might come out but that’s about all.

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If they don’t have a barrel hoist for their forklift that’s kinda bonkers. My supplier drops mine with a beam and trolley out a door if I go pick it up.

Buy them this and tell them to discount your first order. Crazy.

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They are a small local chemical maker. From what I seen of their tow motor I will be lucky if it starts. I think they are just supplying me sh in hopes I will buy their products, which I will if they work decent. Nice lady’s but they seem overwhelmed. Best price I can find in a 60 mile range around me though after 2 month’s of calling everyone I though might be able to get me drums!

good call on the claw though. That’s a pretty reasonable price also.

Just mount one on your trailer and transfer from their’s to yours with your 12V. Will take 10 min and then you don’t have to mess with loading and unloading all the time.


And while it’s piped down the center you also made it 8" longer instead of using the 40" side

No guarantees that will go over, my chemical supplier will not even lift gate a 55 gal drum of SH being that it could fall off and cause an issue that could have been avoided, safety and all you know.

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Just finished the 24 ubolt upside down challenge only took 4 beers 2 rum and cokes. The tote is secure and it’s never coming off!!


Pics or it never happened :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll need to secure a 55 gallon drum inside a van, i imagine either notching a 2x4 so that it “bites” the rim, drilling two holes or bolting on hooks on each end of the 2x4 and running it across the top of the drum, and strapping it down to the floor

Or notching the rim on opposite sides to fit a strap going over the drum