Driveway team logo removal

Has anyone removed one of these before? It’s common in my area to paint your team’s logo on your driveway. This home just sold and apparently this isn’t the new owners team lol.
I read through some older threads that suggest taginator, but that was more for graffiti. Thoughts?

What’s the difference between graffiti and spray paint on a driveway?


Also, Hook 'em!

Honestly I don’t know how these are painted. Is it rattle can junk or is it some sort of super durable driveway paint? The last thing I want to do it start washing and only get a partial removal.

I’m not sure either. I doubt it’s some super duper fancy paint though. More than likely just whatever they can buy at the local Sherwin Williams. I imagine Taginator would do the job. Never know until you try.