Driveway Streaks

What did I do or not do here to get these streaks. Most of this driveway went pretty except leaving these behind. I did pre and post treat.

I had a couple breaks in the wash process and thought it might just be some stuff that dried, but I can’t seem to get it off.


That’s not anything you did. Is there a tree in the area that drops acorns or anything? What % did you pre and post treat with? The tire marks towards the top will need a degreaser. Hot water helps.

Thank goodness. It’s a wash I did for a neighbor. There is a large live oak that hangs over part of the drive. My pre is a 2 gallons 10% SH to 3 gallons of H20 and 5oz. Elemonator. My post is straight 10% DS.

Those are brand new tire marks from the homeowner driving up and running over my hose mid-wash.

Those black streaks are likely acorns that are getting ran over by the car. Get a pump up and spray like 4%-6% on those black streaks. Don’t let it dry and keep reapplying if need be. One heavy spray ought to do it though. A 12v would be quicker and easier.


Thanks! I will give that a try.

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@tcmitchvol definitely use a higher percentage bleach 4-6% and itll disappear ,downstreaming 10% still really only gets you to ~1% and most here will post treat with ~4% everytime

Had a driveway a long while back that had these all over. After surface cleaning, a hot mix of SH sprayed directly on took it right off. Pretty much just disappeared.


AA- This down streaming % issue has been one I’ve been trying to solve. I have a 7:1 injector and use 12% SH on my 4gpm machine. Is there any way possible to DS and get 2 or 3%? I have an Xjet but find the DS much easier. Thx

For the driveway I’d just use the x-jet its not worth you time to go and try the other stuff unless your constantly doing stucco houses or something. For a drive most of the time you can carry a bucket to one spot and spray the whole thing. If you really want 2-3% from ds you can use a small 12v pump to force feed the injector, there is already some threads about that

Just use a pump sprayer if it’s not too big of a drive.

No. Don’t believe all the hype and gimmicks. A number of guys on here have tried the various injectors promising incredibly high draw rates. It’s all snake oil.


I built a portable 12v, does the trick until I get my trailer mounted done.

I think @squidskc found something a while back that he liked. Not sure if he’s go any updates on the injector as it’s be a a couple of year (give or take).

That’s the one @Infinity and @Innocentbystander use. It allows metering. But it still doesn’t draw at some crazy high %.

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