Drilling through rhinoline

im grabbing a 275 gal tote as my buffer, if you guys have any advice or tips on going through the rhino when mounting, that would be a great help. i want it to stay waterproof. i was just thinking add rubber washers and maybe a sealant(caulk?)over the hardware…? kinda guessing

Quick update on progress if anyone is interested:

Trailer is going to the rhino guy Tuesday morning. 8$ sq ft, not bad … pick it back up wed am

Unit, hose reels, tank, exhaust, Gen 2 roof pump, wand racks, e track on inside wall, spare tire, other storage in the V nose, all getting mounted Thurs-fri.

we have to go back out to the warehouse to pick up the unit, reels, surface cleaner etc…

Just need to grab another reel and i was thinking 450ft of garden hose for the inlet

i have my pressure hose and my chem hose already

should be up and running by sat!!!

My only advice would be to get a rounded tank. Said the guy who uses totes. I have an F350 power stroke four wheel drive. The heaviest I have ever weighed going across the scales with trailer in tow was 29,000 pounds. Handles it with no problems.

The most annoyed that I have ever been while towing a trailer with that truck? A pressure washing trailer with a half full tote. It is a pain when the water moves around when starting, stopping, turning, changing lanes, etc.

Here’s why. In a tote, the water slams against the front wall of the tote when braking. That energy being released on the front wall ends up in the drive train of the tow vehicle and you can feel it in a very distinct way that lets you know that it’s probably not helping your vehicle at all.

When in a rounded tank, that energy does not hit a wall, it hits a ramp and dissipates its energy up and away.

We have two totes in our new box truck, and floor space to throw a spare when needed. But they do have their limitations.

Great advice. Is draining at the end of jobs an option? We found totes for as cheap as $100. The rounded tanks seem a bit harder to find and are a little more expensive. I went to out local farm store and they said they would have to custom order anything besides a 225, and I thought that seemed a little small for out unit…

We often dump at the end of the job. But it just takes that much longer to get ready for tomorrow. We are on a well so the water bill is not an issue, but if you are on city water, 250 gallons a day of added usage could add up.

I am sure that there are guys that don’t carry any water so the tank style wouldn’t matter.

We use 8 and 10 gpm machines so showing up empty is not an option for us.

Yea, that unit I just bought is an 8, so I figured we would be driving with water alot. What options do I have to get a rounded tank faster locally?