Draw test question for

I did a draw test with an X-Jet and a 2.5 gpm 3200 and 1 gallon of bleach.

The ratio it came out was of 5-1 (Water-SH) in 66 seconds. I want to soft wash my house which is half siding half brick. What ratio of (water-SH) should I use for the siding and the brick walls.

My brain continues to brain fart on this basic maths. I am very sorry.

Don’t know what strength your bleach is, but if it’s 12.5, put one gallon of bleach into for gallons of water and see what happens. You can’t really soft wash with an xjet, but Trish and error is your best teacher

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I had a teacher named Trish once…she wasn’t that good.

Stupid big fingers lol

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I figured you just forgot to set the voice-to-text to “southern english”

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Lol, alright thanks dude!