Drainagein trailer

just had the trailer rhinolined, now i have to figure out drainage. help would be greatly appreciated

i thinik i spelled drainage wrong…?

i read a post on here about a trailer and he had 1/2 inch pvc in the floor on all 4 corners i think,

I have 6 or 7 holes in the floor of my trailer for drainage. Last summer I added a second plywood floor to the floor of my trailer. I glued it down using construction glue and then screwed it down too. I then used 1x2 furring strips in all the corners and across the thresholds at the door. After placing those, I used caulking to caulk all the joints in the floor and around the furring strips.

Once that cured I drilled several 1/2 holes in the trailer. Probably 6 or 7. I sleeved each drainage hole with about a 6 inch long PVC pipe. I pre-drilled the a hole towards the top of the pipe, so that once the pipe was in place I could place a small wood screw in sideways to secure the pipe. I caulked around this as well.

Then I rolled several coats of really heavy enamel paint onto the floor. Sprinkled some of those blue/grey/white paint flakes to make it pretty, and then I sealed it with a gallon or two of left over Seal’n’Lock.

This has prevented the water from going between seems in the floor, between the floors and the walls, and from running out the doors. Any water that leaks goes towards a drainage hole. I was careful to place the drainage holes away from any important area of the trailer - like the axels. The purpose of the PVC pipe is not only to protect the wood, but to also allow the water to flow down the pvc pipe and onto the ground, rather then running along the bottom of the trailer and rusting an area out.