Downtime Trailer Rebuild

My trailer was really rusting bad so i decided to strip it down and get it powdercoated. I went with a liquidy metallic green(colors in my logo) made by prismatic powders. Turns green to yellow in the sun, a really cool color. I decided to upgrade some things while i have it apart. Just little things, I’m happy with my washer and soft wash etc. I can post pics a long the way to get second opinions. I KNOW there will be some of you guys hate the green and think it’s over kill! ! Let me know your thoughts!!



Looks good to me… set yourself apart from the norm :+1:

… Jealous :wink:

That coatings shop isn’t messing around. Holy cow.

Care to share approximate cost for all of that powdercoating?

I got a lot of bids for the powdercoating and this guy was the best. First they bake off as much crap as they can, sandblast what ever is left and then apply the powder. The selling point was that he did this all in house and i didn’t have to take my equipment to multiple places. He said this was a big PITA. The color was hard to work with but it turned out great. It was $1,600 for the trailer frame and a bunch of other parts like the PW’r skid and some other framework. I supplied my own powder because it was a color he doesn’t normally stock and that was an additional $520.

Here is a pic from the manufacturer that shows the color pretty well.


I love it. I think it’s BAD as all get out (awesome).

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They do nice work, even your stake pockets are getting it, I’m a little envious.

I worked for a heavy Hail trucking company near Chicago. He was the absolute KING of heavy haul. He had the best equipment out of anyone. His trucks are in magazines and he’s won a bunch of awards for his trucks. I very much look up to him and wanted to put thought into every move I make with this trailer like he did with his equipment. Pull out all the stops on this one. This is going to be the most over the top pressure washing trailer. Or at least I hope it’s up there.

I take a lot of pride in my business and my image. Plus I like fabricating and building so that helps.


Post the finish build here for sure :+1:

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Love it!
My business colors are blue, black, and white, and I try to keep that color theme with everything I do, when possible. Even if customers and others don’t notice it, it makes me feel a bit more professional and confident, and I think that matters. Nice job!

This is fantastic

Sweet. Not a terrible price either.

Too cool, I like!

Got a bunch put on. No plumbing yet. I’m gonna put all the equipment on first then plumb it all and run electric. The pictures don’t do this color justice man, in the sun it’s great.

Anything catch any eyes? Any suggestions?


Gorgeous. Did I mention it’s my favorite color?

Thanks @Infinity. One thing that’s driving me crazy are my tanks. A 65 gallon and a 35. Everything looks so nice and clean but the old white tanks look terrible. I’ve never seen guys have good luck cleaning them up much.

wrap the tanks

Looks sweet man.
I noticed the green trays might need a drain hole and tube or something if it gets full of liquid.

Oh yeah! Came out great! :ok_hand:. Wasn’t sure about the colour, now that it’s assembled looks proper!

You think the vinyl would adhere to the plastic?