Downstreaming question

I have my first house wash tomorrow and have played around with my downstreamer for concrete but never a house wash. I tried to calculate my ratio’s but end up getting bored trying to figure it out and quit. i have a pressure pro 8gpm @3000 psi hot water unit from bob and 150 ft of hose and the downstreamer is 20:1 from what ive been told. This might be a rookie question but thats what i am and i want to learn, so what is a good housewash mix to run with that setup? i dont need a really hot mix because this house is mostly dust with very little mold. I was told by bob but don’t quote me is to run straight 12.5% and if my calculations are correct it comes out to be like .6% strength hitting the house.

thanks for you input i really appreciate it.

I ds straight from my 50 gallon tank. Make sure you have a surfactant such as fresh wash or simple cherry.

Yeah I got simple cherry I just need to know SH to water ratio for my setup in a 5’er

2 gallons ah 3 water add you cherry and wash away

And that’s for a 8gpm machine with a 20:1 downstreamer? Mild mix?

It should be plenty. I run 2 8gpms. If you don’t like that outcome add more sh and less water.

Thx Alex I really appreciate it

Don’t concern yourself with that Mumbo jumbo ratio stuff. Get a 5 gall pail, use 3 gall 12%, 2 gall water & add your surfactant. Spray on, rinse off & get paid . Good luck to you.

Alex what size injector do you run??

How much hose??

dave mac

I run 3-5 GPM with 200 foot of hose.

Anything longer than 200 ft I’ve heard guys say you may have trouble drawing chems. I only throw on an extra 50 ft if need be & never had a problem. ( just something to keep in mind )

mix. Should be 2 gal. 12.5% and then 3 gals of water.

What size injector do you use for your machine?