Downstreaming question

I had a job today that was all flatwork and pretty easy and was done in an hour but didn’t want to leave i was having so much fun. I asked the home owner if i could experiment on a few things around his house at no charge and he said sure. He had a dog kennel that had a metal roof that was covered in tree debris and algae and i wanted to DS a house was mix on. I wasnt able to get my hands on 12% but was able to get 7.8% from the store. I have a 8gpm unit with 150ft of hose and a 5 gallon container for my mix. I poured 2 gallons of SH in and a little bit of simple cherry and figured that would be enough to play around with. I was told my injector was 20:1 and not to add water to my mix with 12% so i figured 7% would be on the weak side but still effective. I have a j-rod with all the nozzles for rinsing and ds’ing so i started with the 25 degree low pressure and my injector or pump started making a loud bell ringing sound but i smelled bleach so i figured it was working. i let the mix dwell for 10 min and rinsed but noting came off. Was my mix just to weak or was that bell sound my injector giving me trouble, i should also say i have about 3 ft of 1/4 hose going from the injector to a 1/4 ball valve to about another 2 feet of hose into my container?

here is a pic of my setup, if you look you can see the injector and hose and container

Downstreaming do nothing to algae, mix is too weak. You need a chemical pump or at least an Xjet to clean that.

On metal roofs algae doesn’t come off as easy as siding. I have gotten it clean downstreaming at full strength with 12% before though. In bad cases you probably will neeed a roof pump to get it clean just don’t use as strong of a mix as what you use on asphalt shingles. You really need to find a way to buy 12% sh in bulk if you want your business to succeed but that’s just my opinion. Even if you have to travel an hour or more to get it. Call your local pool supply and ask them if they know of any sh distributor’s there may be one closer than you think.

Also invest in a hi-draw injector thats at least 10:1. Bob has them at all you have to do is call him and he will set you up with exactly what you need.

Thx guys I have a supplier but here in oregon 12% is about 6$ a gallon. I was really curious about the bell ringing while ds’ing it’s really really loud. I will call bob and get his advise on which one to get, I wasn’t to worried about getting the roof clean I just wanted to see if it would work. The home owner actually said after a day or 2 it cleaned up really good cuz I left a mix on there to dry (no soap just 7%)

Man you never want to leave bleach on a metal roof. Can cause some serious corrosion.

I was aware not to leave it on metal but it rains here about everyday and it rained that night so I wasn’t to worried lol.

That’s just crazy. I would be ****ed if it was $6 a gallon here. I think $2.30 a gallon is expensive but it’s a lot better than what I have heard from others. 7% will work fine for residential if you get that injector from Bob but I still wouldn’t give up looking for other places to get sh from. Good luck with your business.

To be honest I mostly do flatwork and 90% of the time I don’t use anything but cold water. I had 1 driveway that needed SH after and it was small enough that I used a pump up with 7% and it worked great. I will be the first to say I’m really new to this and if it wasn’t for everyone’s advise from here and the other forums I’d be lost. I’m learning as I go and this is not my fulltime job just a weekend job for extra cash. Someday I hope it grows to a fulltime gig but the new equipment and trailer I got was free.

How was it free if you don’t mind me asking?

I was given a sum of money to start my own business with only 1 string attached but basically all the money I make is going back into the business. Everything for the business is paid and in my name and that’s about it. I love the industry and I love cleaning stuff so I spend 6+ months on the forums studying and learned a lot of what to do and what not to do before I purchased anything. So from here on out its just a matter of building clients and learning by doing.

Do you have a website?

I do but I made it and its not good at all and I plan on having it done by a someone. I don’t advertise my website even though it has good info on it but as I made my site I gathered info from a few other sites. I know I’m in the wrong there but that’s why I’m not showing it and having it professionally done.