Downstreaming pull ratio

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]So, i just got my ‘big’ machine. It’s big for me 4200psi, 4gpm, and i’m lovin it. The pull ration for the chems is 1:10.
Is this normal? I’ve used a rental machine before with the same specs and it soaped up nicely. I used to do a regular 2500sq/ft house with 2 5/gal buckets of solution (3gal bleach, 2 gal water simple cherry and dawn). The new machine is throwing hardly anything on the walls. I did a deck house today, maybe 3000sq/ft, and i used maybe 2gal of solution in total. I was pulling my hair out and couldn’t figure out why there was no pull. Nothing is blocked, checked everything. Are there any injectors available that would change this draw strength.[/INDENT]

Are you using the injector built into the pump or an external injector?

The injector that came with the machine.

what size is your injector, jow much hose on your reel, what gpm is your gun rated for, is your injector fixed or adjustable

did the house come clean?

Thats all that matters!