Downstreaming issue


Hey everyone. I was on the job yesterday and the DS wasn’t pulling chemical anymore. Also my trigger gun was on its last leg and was leaking at multiple places. Could the several leaky fittings have affected the injector’s ability to pull chemical out of the bucket? Can’t think of any other reason why it would have stopped working.


Try a different gun if you think that’s the problem. Most DS injector problems I have are because they got clogged. Take it apart and rinse it out or just put a new one on. You should always have a few on hand.


You should also carry spare ceramic balls and springs.


Thanks for the responses. It must have been clogged because I put a new one in and it worked. Paid a lot more for it than just the cost of the injector because it turned one day job into a two day job. Expensive lesson but thats how we learn!


Clogged from build up, as in not cleaned after every job, or clogged from foreign materials?
From build up: after turning off your machine run just water through it for 5 minutes, your pump will cool off while you do a last inspection with home owner.
Foreign materials? Whay kind of strainer/filter u use to suck the chemicals?, if you use those plastic ones with the nylon mesh, it could be it. Dont use them, use a metal one.
I use the same injector for the past 3 years.