Downstreaming in cold weather

So I have one possibly two more house washing jobs coming up and I’m considering DS’ing. Wondering if anyone has ever experienced a DS injector icing up as the weather dips into the 45 degree range?

Freezing is at 32 so as long as the low temp stays above that id say you will be fine.


It could be me but it seems like I have to add more SH to my mix when it’s cold out to get houses clean.

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced it because of the Venturi effect of the DS injector

Plain water freezes at 32. Water with salt freezes below 32. SODUIM hypochlorite would to me, freeze at lower than 32. Also from what I’ve read you will need to use more when it’s cold

Use hot water

FALSE… Hot water will freeze faster then cold water lookup the Mpemba effect.

According to this and its graph water at 42.9C will freeze faster, after 3 hours and 43 minutes.

Again use hot water…220F

It only takes 30 minutes to clean a tractor and its trailer/container