Downstreaming and rinsing - issues with valve not pulling straight water?

I am pretty much set to start DS’ing with a 4gmp belt drive PW. I ordered a DS injector kit from PressureTek and have done a bunch of research. One thing which made downstreaming appealing to me is the ability to change tips in order to pull solution (with the wash tips) and then switch to a fan tip (higher pressure) in order to rinse.

I am seeing more and more that this does not work all the time and guys resort to walking back to the rig to switch to fresh water only.

If this does become an issue and I need fresh water rinse, is it a matter of pulling the draw tube from the solution tank so it does not pull from there or do i install a ball valve on the solution tank to prevent the PW from pulling water and solution? I will only have one 15 gallon solution tank for now.


Use the same tip you soap with. Either pull the tube, get a three way valve one going to chems the other going to water tank this will help clean your injector out too when your done or get a remote downstream valve, my preference. I wouldn’t use high pressure tips to shut off soap though.


Cheapest way: Walk back to the trailer and pull hose from soap bucket to rinse bucket.

Better way: Get a three way poly valve from PressureTek and walk back to trailer and switch from soap to rinse.

Best way: Remote Downstream Controller. I prefer the Schertz Box because he’s a member here and his design is just excellent and proven.

Don’t be one of those guys that stops soap with high pressure.


I’m on board with the 3 way ball valve. Swapping to high pressure tips is asking for damaged siding imo. A remote box is in my near future. I’m just not that fancy yet lol.

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Guys don’t walk back to the truck because it doesn’t work it’s because they want to continue to use the low pressure tip they use for soap, to rinse. Most have 8 gpm machines and find the rinse tips to strong. This will be not be that significant with a 4gpm.


You’ve nailed it lol. No soap no suds.

Ordered me a Box from Chris excited to get it.

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I soap then walk back and pull the hose. It gives the soap a chance to dwell. But yeah, the remote switch is the best option.

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Okay, thanks. This is likely what I will do to start out. Thanks!

I keep a shut off ball valve just b4 my gun. Turn it about halfway to put some pressure in the line and it shuts soap off. Wide open and soaps on. Doesn’t affect pressure at the tips but might give slightly less flow when rinsing.
The schertz box does look appealing tho I will probably get one at some point this year

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Yea, I kind of like the approach too. I am seeing a lot of guys use ball valves as a way to spray rinse water too and this is a good idea. Thanks!

This is not a good idea. That is not what a ball valve is designed for, it decreases your flow and puts strain on the unloader.



Ehhh I can’t see any harm that could be done. You can’t turn the valve too far obviously but just enough to here the pressure forming will shut the soap off. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of last year it works good

A year huh?


Oops. I forgot that had profanity. Let me find another one that’ll work. Hold tight.

Explain to me how making pressure with a pressure washer is bad lol same principle as using a higher pressure nozzle to stop soap but I can still use my softwash nozzles and Im not running back to the truck every time I need to switch to rinse :yum:. I will say my machine works a little harder because of the pressure tho so the schertz box would be nice

You’d need a basic understanding of fluid dynamics and ball valve design to begin with. Here, I’ll leave you some light reading.

Ball Valve - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics.

There are control valves specifically designed for what you’re trying to do. A ball valve isn’t one of them. Enjoy the reading.

Lol. Just saying what works for me don’t knock it till you try it

I’ve tried it. It’s the lazy way of doing things and, fortunately, I’m not that lazy.

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