Downstreamer question

I have a Graco 3400 PW, 11 HP., 4 GPM. I typically run 100 ft. of hose. The problem I am having is when it comes to downstreaming and rinsing. This spring I purchased the 4 nozzle setup and injector kit from Bob at PT. Gave him my machine specs and he told me what to get. It draws chemical and soaps perfect but when I switch to the rinse tips it still draws soap through the injector. I have been having to run back to the bucket and take the injector hose out to be able to rinse. This is a real pain and slows me down considerably. I typically soap and rinse a house at around 500-700 psi. Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong and give me some insight on getting it right? Thanks

Is it a fixed or adjustable injector, and also I’m sure after you switched nozzles you let it run for a minute to get the soap out of the line but thought I would mention it anyway

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It is a fixed injector, I also have an adjustable injector(came with PW from factory)right before it and after the pump but I have it shut all the way down. I have let it run and actually soaped with the rinse tip and it never quit soaping. I am puzzled as to why it isn’t working correctly. I have read tge article on Bobs sight regarding downstream injectors and the ventury pull of the chemicals with difference in pressure but can’t figure this out.

It sounds like you don’t have enough back pressure to shut off the injector, first try putting the 4 gpm nozzle and see if that works (which it should!), then try graduating up to a larger orifice nozzle, until you find the nozzle that produces the right amount of back pressure.

I don’t know that 700 psi is always enough to shut off the downstreamer. We rinse with the same big tips that we soap with by walking back to the truck and switching the downstreamer from soap to water. If you don’t feel like walking back to the truck, you can often close the ball valve just a bit and that will introduce enough pressure into the line to quell the downstreamer.

Somebody needs to come up with a remote. I like rinsing with the soap tip

The have remotes check at southside equipment

i have priced one just not ready yo go that route yet

+1 I don’t worry about the back pressure /still drawing / not drawing as I prefer to rinse with the soap tips. Sometimes a walk back to the trailer is a PITA but most of the time it just gives your grip hand a break and the soap time to dwell :thumbup:

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