Down stream injector problem

I have a ds injector that is getting a little old. I set it to where I want it, start to work, and it starts to open and inject more solution while I’m working. Is it junk now or is it repairable?

Not worth the time or headache to fix …

Not a big deal, I have a spare to back it up. Just wondering what the deal was

We keep about 3 or 4 on the truck at all times. Some have lasted 1-2 months, I’ve even had one or two last a week or so. They are disposable. We get Bobs modified injectors.

Bringing up an old thread but this is what the search bar got me!

My down stream injectors are only lasting one or 2 jobs, am I doing something wrong? I always down stream then move the hose to my water bucket to rinse but sometimes they quit half way throughout like the house I washed today! How do we fix them or clean them? Could we use CLR to free them up? I don’t have many shops around my city to easily just go buy one quickly instead of waiting 2 weeks to order from Bob or some one! Maybe I’ll just order 10 :frowning:

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whats in your soap bucket?

Which tips are you using for washing?

What are the specs on your machine?

Something is def not right.

You should not be going through that many injectors so quickly.

Call Bob and go over all your specs before breaking your bank with injectors.

Just another reason I X-jet!

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I’ve gone through 2 and am on my 3rd one in 2 years.
Not bad huh?
The 2 I went through, never stopped working, just the ends “melted” off because of the sh and after running with em like that for awhile, I figured it was time to upgrade.

8 GPM 3000PSI cold water skid. Using a Jrod
And my soap is around 50/50 SH-Water and using lemon fresh wash. DS injector is right after the pump and has a 4 foot line leading to my hose reel that has 150 ft of hose on it.

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All I can think of is maybe I’m not getting it flushed out right away after running my HW mix. I go from low pressure soap then switch to the water bucket and start rinsing from too down with my high pressure j rod tip. Maybe I should let some low pressure run thorough to clear some of the SH from the injector so it doesn’t sit there for the 10-15 mins each time while I rinse with higher pressure. Thoughts?

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CLR? What do you see when you disassemble it? I rebuild mine with ceramic ball replacements because the steel ball would rust and hang up. I’ve had luck with that.

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I was just trying to think of a way to make things last. I took one apart just on the barb side and pulled out the spring and ball, everything seemed clean even the o ring was in good shape. Where would I buy a ceramic ball. The one I pulled out had a slight bit of rust on it but nothing crazy that I thought would effect performance

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I’ve gone plenty of times without rinsing mine, probably weeks even.
I know it’s not the best thing but my point is, it shouldn’t be causing your injectors to go out in 1 or 2 days.

Some times it’s mid job after installing it… Super frustration especially when the customer is standing there staring at you haha. I’ve tried fixed as well as adjustable and I seem to have the same problem. I even look through them and make sure they are clear of debris.

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Anyone who sells the injector should have rebuild kits available. Usually you can choose steel or ceramic. I get mine locally but I’m sure Bob has them. He probably can offer other insights as to why this is happening to you as well.
I also keep an extra one handy because I have been stuck with an audience as you mentioned and I felt a bit foolish and in prepared. Not fun!!

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wow man, really hate to hear that.
Are they all from the same supplier?
If so, try another.
Hope this problem works out for ya.
I’m stumped here.

Oh, is it the right size injector?
I had my friend pick me one up last week, put it on, and it was barely sucking soap.
Come to find out it was a 5-8 injector, and I was running 4 gpm.
Called that shop and they said all they have is 5-8’s and they work on any machine.
Brought it back, and went and got a 3-5 from another shop.
That one was sucking soap like never before.

Yeah I have an 8 GPM machine and some are 3-5 GPM and some are 5-8 rated They are all from different places too

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The modified injectors from Bob are what you want.

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Is lemon fresh a powder, maybe its not getting totally dissolved or you have other “dirt” in your tank that is clogging things up. How long is the hose that goes from the injector to the tank? What dia. is it?

Move your injector to the other side of your jumper hose, closer to the reel, that will help draw.

On one job I ran straight 12%+soap (no water in the mix) and the injectors lasted over two weeks.