Door hangers - options

I just want some plain jane hangars that say something like your house is filthy, call me to clean it or your deck is a disaster and I can make it a little better. No fancy designs, no cartoons, no shocking shipping fees or mandatory rush payments needed.

Anyone got a place?

I never thought about negging as a sales tactic lol

I prefer a few of these motivational zingers:

Your house is an eyesore, hence this on your door

Your property is disgusting, an estimate costs nothing

The neighbors have been tattling, your house is less then flattering

That sidewalk looks slippery, better call me quickly

Your neighbor’s house looks better than yours, but that’s because I cleaned theirs first


I’ve used Print Place & really liked them. It was a little over 2 bills out the door for 1,000. It takes a couple weeks for delivery. Design it yourself on their website (front & back) then place the order. Make it fancy while your at it! You can upload images & all that good stuff. You could even add a photo of Fred Sanford with a caption: “This place a mess!”

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Get these with your competitor’s # on them, then top them with your own, lol


The whole thing seems a little aggressive, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine that insulting someone before you meet them would bring higher sales than just a simple before/after on the hanger

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Yeah, I was kind of hoping this whole thing was sarcasm… We haven’t really used door hangers much recently, but the design we had just said something like “Dirty Roof or Siding?”. Pretty much the same as a bulk EDDM mailing, but obviously they may feel targeted if one of our people actually put it on their door…

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I speak sarcasm too… too fluently most of the time haha. I believe all he’s asking is where to get a good deal on some basic / budget friendly /customizable door hangers, or rather where you get yours from.

LOL, I like it. If I did them I’d put something like, " All your neighbors suggested I put this on your door - Call me and I’ll make sure you’re not the laughingstock of your neighborhood".

I can almost guarantee you some will call, lol.

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If we did that, it’d be with a forwarding phone number and no logo, so if anyone called irate we could have the receptionist feign “no hablo ingles” and hang up, lol

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Wow, some really stiff ironed shirts in here. Geez. Can those shirts bend?

How about hire me the competition sucks.

My buddy sells and installs pools, I call him the pope to customers. Once in awhile I get a curious monkey, they ask why do you call him pope? I tell them because his pools are holy. Waka Waka, rimshot, I’ll be here all week.

I’d tell you “don’t retire from your day job” but you already did. :wink:

Maybe “Hire me the competition blows” with “out your windows” in a very small font beneath?

Geez, I get no respect! (wiggling my tie)


Someday you’ll really impress us and you’ll upload an avatar pic. :wink:

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