Don't shoot the new guy

Ok I have been looking and still haven’t found the exact answer I have been looking for… Maybe my brain is too small or the 80’s took more brain cells than I think… But my question and my dilemma is… When downstreaming does one need to use the chemical tip to pick up the chemical? If so… How in the hell do you reach 30 feet up with that thing?? Surely there must be some other nozzles to use ?? No?? If you must shoot go right ahead…

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Search “JROD” on the forum search bar

Also search “shooter tip”


Ok so I have seen those and the M5?? I think? Do I need a special one specific for my 4.5 GPM ts2021?? And also can’t I use a different nozzle to calibrate my psi? Like for instance I am using 5.0 nozzles and get 2900 psi if I went down to a 4.5 shouldn’t that increase my psi or is it hard on my unloader to do this??

Here’s the 4 nozzles that I use with a 4.5 GPM machine:
#40 (3626)
#10 (1152)
#40 (3246)
#10 (1111)

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Thank You!! Ok so I have this down stream injector I am assuming I bought it from Northern tool as that’s the closest supplier of anything halfway decent near me. I used it on one job a few years ago and it’s been sitting ever since … Mostly because my machine went through a flood a few years back and I just got around to putting a new engine on it… But it says 2.3 and on their website they have a 2.3mm injector… Is this the right one for my machine? It doesn’t say anything about how many GPM’s it is for…

There is 3 large suppliers within 30 minutes of us.
Not including whisper wash and titan reels there is also 2 other manufacturers around.

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They have any ting you want . Only 10 dallar


At some point your going to get to a place where you are pulling chem no matter what tip you use. That’s when a 3way valve will come into play. It’s by far the Cadillac solution. Guys even add remotes to them for convenience. Lots of good info about keyword 3 way!

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I just found Pressure washing repair and service on Belcher in Clearwater. Rex is a super nice guy. Back when I bought that injector I only need of tractor supply and it was across the street from the job I was doing… Is the 2.3 mm the right one for a 4.5 GPMunit?

2.3 is probably too large an orifice for your machine. You’ll want a 2.1 3-5gpm hi-draw injector. They have them at PressureTek. Those adjustable ones like you have are sketchy and have problems. Best to get a fixed injector and put your QC ends on however you want.

I’ve been using an injector bypass for shutting off chemicals. Works great when rinsing and helps the stream shoot farther. J-rod is great but more people here need to embrace the M5DS tip. I have mine permanently fixed (no QC) onto a 5 inch nipple on a Suttner 2315. I love that thing and rarely use my j-rod any more except when I need my Guy Blackmon shooter tip.


I was looking at the bypass thread I like that idea. Thank you for your advice. I am going to get one of each for the arsenal an m5 and a jrod… I am not afraid to buy tools… Anything that saves time

The injector bypass will see bigger gains on larger machines using long lengths of hose . I wouldn’t expect much gain on smaller units at least not enough to justify the money


I am saving alot of this info for my future rig…I would like to have a nice trailer set up by April of 2019… But for now I am doing what I can with this TS2021

True I didn’t see much difference with 4gpm with the injector bypass…if sticking with just 4gpm pump I wouldn’t invest the money. I upgraded to 5.5 so I do see a difference now…i hear it’s even more noticeable with 8gpm

idk I bought a bypass kit and the 3 way replaced it within weeks.I didn’t notice any difference so the risk seemed to outweigh the reward. At least the fittings in the kit were useful so it wasn’t a total loss.

Guys i keep googling 3 way but I dont think I’m getting the right results.

Or maybe i am?



Friction loss in the elbows takes away anything you gain from bypassing the injector. It’s like the wine test with the same wine. Tell them one is expensive and one us cheap and they always the expensive is the best. New guys spend $100 on a vendor gimmick and want it to work.


Like I read where someone else posted… Can’t you just put a ball valve on the inlet to the downstream??

Yes that’s what’s normally done. A small 1/4 pvc ball valve