Don Marler of Marler's Pressure Washing in St. Louis is a Crook

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]I paid for Don’s trip to Nola this year 2012 in exchange for 3k worth of website work. I covered Don and his wifes airfare, hotel and taxi costing me appx $1200. He built me a cheesy website and then did no follow up work as promised.

I received a phone call several months ago from a lady that Don stole thousands of dollars from promising website work. He never even started. After several months of trying to get hold of him she finally contacted the authorities. I also started calling and leaving messages and sending emails. No response. After contacting the authorities they went to his home and threatened criminal charges. He is alive and well and has started making payments to her.

I’m posting this to warn anyone for future dealings. Also reaching out to anyone that attended Nola. If he stole from you, stay tuned as I’ll be posting the authorities contact info soon as she calls me with it.[/INDENT]

Hopefully this post is deleted right away. We don’t need this crap on this forum. If you we not posting to get it noticed you could have called it beware of in the post title and mentioned his name in the post.

Wow, have I wore out my welcome already?

No Clark, I posted his name intentionally to expose him. He’s a thief… That’s what we do to thieves, don’t you know.

This post should not be deleted right away. It indeed serves a purpose and is not simple trolling.

Justin, you haven’t worn out your welcome. I just believe that posts like this should be posted where the general public can’t find them I feel it hurts how the public looks at us when they get on the forum and see posts like this. People who are not members of the forum are on here looking all the time.

It won’t be up long…

I disagree!

Don screwed over people I know and almost got me too. Both the public and other contractors need to know about this stuff to protect themselves.

If you were hiring a service company to work on your home, and they were crooks, wouldn’t you want to know? Also wouldn’t you appreciate it if someone warned you about them? I sure as heck know I would.

This thread is not good to have public. I know Don and I’m not sticking up for him but this gets put out here like this it’s like convicting the guy before he ever was given right to defend himself. The problem with threads like this is when someone is unhappy with another person the thread can snowball out of control especially when there’s potential legal issues in here.

The very least this should be brought Into a private area because like Clark says there are plenty of people daily coming here that lurk and the last thing they need to see is a ****ing match with legal connotations to it… Left in the publics eye it devalues this bulletin board where professionals and newbies come to learn and share there knowledge and experiences with each other and keeping it professional. This bb can easily turn into another type bb where they free for all accusing people of anything and everything without any bases in doing so and down the professional ladder this board goes. This is just IMHO.

Trust me, He isn’t going to be coming on here trying to defend himself or tell his side of the story. He blatantly stole from 3 realiable sources that simply wouldn’t just make this up. He’s going to have legal issues of his own if he doesn’t atleast return a phone call. I doubt he will lawyer up and come after me.

Maybe you could give him a call and let him know what’s going on since you know him? Then again that won’t work either, he doesn’t answer his phone. Don’t worry too much, I’m sure once this has served it’s purpose a moderator will hide it somewhere from the PWR public. Don’t sweat it…

Don Marler only brought this upon himself. He advertised on the forums - it only seems fair that his deliberate unethical business dealings be made known. Justin has given ample time for Don to try to correct this. It’s apparent that Don does not intend to.

Does this post hurt the industry? Absolutely not. People understand that there are both honest and dishonest contractors. A post like this just helps them weed out the bad from the good. However, I do agree that negative post should be kept to a minimum on the PWR - but this thread is important and needs to stay. Thanks Justin.

Thanks Micah. I should of also mentioned I’ve been trying to update my site I paid $1200 for the last 5 months. Got busy with summer and finally gave up. As part of the documented deal, he promised me appx $1800 more in SEO and misc. which I never saw. I’ve left atleast half a dozen messages and tried calling dozens of times. Sent numerous emails. No reply.

To be honest at this point all I want is access to my website and I’d be happy. I don’t know to call that lazy or just dumb…

I’m just looking out for the best interest of this bulletin board but your right I’m sure it will serve its purpose.

John, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.
Thank you.

I feel the same way- when I thought I was the only one that got ripped off I didn’t want to cause a stink. I just chalked it up to “he must have needed it more than I do”. I have talked to Don several times over the many years he has been around and never heard one single bad thing about him so I thought something bad had happened when I texted, emailed, and called with no response after he used his Square Up to collect money at the door at NOLA 2012 from the guys who bailed on the IWCA convention. He told me he took “a few” payments but I heard later it was more like “a lot” at $200 a piece.

No wonder there were so many people there I didn’t recognize!

But now I found out that he ripped off other people and that it is an ongoing thing so there was no way I could tell Justin that he should have to eat $1200 without trying to get it back. If someone is knowingly ripping off pressure washing contractors then they need to be exposed and stopped. I want to educate the public and help them choose good service providers but my first loyalty is to the honest contractors who sweat blood, tears, caustic, and hypochlorite to feed their families.

This thread will go away when Don Marler of Marler Pressure Washing in St. Louis, MO pays back the hardworking contractors that he stole from.

I agree Thad but I wouldn’t hold me breath waiting for that money

I had already written that off mentally and not worrying about it but I don’t want anyone else to get ripped off.

I guess coming from another bb where everyone under the sun was getting accused of anything and everything from contractors to distributors taking that continuously it was never ending. Don’s thing appears to be a large problem and the exception to the norm. If it’s good with you guys to keep it public cause your the admins then there’s nothing else to add here…

Just because a guy who came across as a nice guy over the years doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it in him to do something wrong. Desperate people do desperate things. I know from my past job that alot of these are “Civil matters” but there are times it gets worse.
Very disappointing & surprising to hear this about Don. I guess you never truly get to know the person thru the net no matter how many yrs you responded to them.

I just read on WCR that he ripped off John Doherty, too.
This is way beyond “he said, they said”.

The cops are already involved and it seems it’s going to escalate at this point.

Don’t be surprised that Don Bankrupts himself. I dealt with that a couple of times in this Industry… Still bankruptcy might screw the ones who are owed but it doesn’t excuse anything thats criminal… I’m still kind of shocked to hear this about Don but when there is multiple complainants with the identical complaints then there has to be something wrong.

Has anyone heard from SEO DOUG MCDONALD lately?

I exposed him on WCR last year after he ripped me off some $700. Turns out, a lot like this case,
others were ripped off as well.

Needless to say, like Thad, I wasn’t holding my breath to hear from him. And good thing I didn’t,
because I still haven’t heard from him!