Domain Names for Sale

Hey guys, I was going through my domain names and I have over 200 so it took a long time… But I came across some pressure washing domains I acquired in auctions or must have bought when I was drinking! :smiley:

I have no need for these, I am going to put them up as premium domains because they are VERY optimized and great names for businesses in these areas, but I only service Phoenix. What can I say? Im addicted to buying domains…

Anyway, here is the list of domains that are for sale and next to them is the price I am willing to sell them for. If no one wants them I am just going to make them premium domains for these same prices. $250 $200 $200 $50 $150

Let me know if anyone is interested, you buy more than 1 I’ll give you a discount. Its very easy to transfer.


You should talk to Doug Rucker about the Houston roof cleaning Thank you.

Im looking for a couple new domains… Have anything out for the east coast?

Let me know if you can post a larger list of what you have available.


Hi, The domain name " " is available for registration. You can grab it at just $9.99/yr from www.TuckTail.Com . You will get best support from here. All the best mate.