Does PWRA give out our email addresses?

It might have been PWI, but I haven’t been on there in a few months. I keep getting emails from Joe Walters insurance. I have unsubscribed and emailed them back to get them to quit sending me their garbage but it does no good. Maybe they just troll the boards gleaning emails. Just curious. They sent it to the junk email account I used to open this account so I figured they got it from here.

Hey William, they wouldn’t be giving away email addresses - they would be selling them.

I haven’t gotten any emails from them.

I got one. That was it.

I never got an email but then again I have Joe Walters insurance.

I get the emails. I have them as well.

I have gotten a few from them.

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As much as I detest their company, I detest more if my email was given to them by one of these forums.

William I get them all the time from them, doesn’t bother me one way or another though

Bad experience with them?

They are the same ilk as the PWNA, Envirospec or Sunbrite. I won’t get into my issues with them on Thad’s board. I just want to know how they got the email and why they refuse to honor my request to quit sending me junk.


We would never sell our members data. Thats just not something we do.


Hi William

Our members:

Company Name
And Email

Is kept in a private members spread sheet. It is updated when a member joins or leaves. This spread sheet is accessible only to us and those that extend discounts to PWRA members. It is used to verify membership when a member seeks out a discount through one of our partners.

That is the only data we share.

It is not permitted to be used for promotional use.

As for how you got on their marketing list IM not sure. People get data tons of different ways. They buy lists, scrape google maps, take them from forums etc.

I have forwarded this thread over to J Walters for them to take a look at.

Thanks Chris. I guess they got it because they offer discounts to members. Not your fault. I just wish they would honor my request to get off their list

Hi William,

I just sent you a private email but I just wanted to let you know I reached out to Joseph D. Walters and made sure you were off all of their emailing lists. I just received confirmation from them. You should be all set!

Thank you Jessica

Did you get an email from them, Chad ?

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I did, no biggie though.


I was a few months back but then I unsubscribed and never heard from them again. I thought it was odd because I already carry insurance through them.

Chris, thank you for clarifying.