Does any one have a contractors license. California specifically

So I’m curious if anyone here carries a contractors license. This question is sparked by a recent post on the wcr. To save some typing I’ll just post a link.

I don’t know about California, but here in Maryland, which is extremely regulated, a contractor license is technically required. It says right on the state website “chemical power washing”. Despite this, most companies here don’t have one. We have one because we have a remodeling division that does roofing so we have to carry one. But even without the roofing, I’d probably keep the license as it helps when selling against unlicensed competition.

Thanks for the response. I couldn’t find a single service provider in my area that advertised having a contractors license. I’m looking into getting one now.

I’d be shocked to learn that California doesn’t require one. That’s probably the only state that has more rules and regulations than here lol.

They do. But it falls under a specialty contactor. Basically a sub-section within a sub-section. I just don’t think people are aware of it. Most think ( me included until just recently) that its unregulated.

Just a money grab by the state/local governments. I’m glad my state is red.