Do you use Siri?

So, for you iPhone users- how much if any do you use Siri? I forget its there unless I accidentally hold the button down too long.

I use it every day… Try searching for just “Gas Station” Anyas and mine says " We cant search Taiwan hahah

I don’t use her…but I respect her. :wink:

you must have yankee phone and she doesn’t understand your southern accent :slight_smile:

I don’t blame her, I’ve heard some doisie southern accents. Alex’s is easy.

She won’t do what I want her to do. She is a prude.

I use Siri everyday. Mostly to set reminders or for directions. During the football season I use Siri to get scores. Siri is also great to look up words or for math calculations.

The amount of times I have to repeat myself, I might as well type plus my wife ain’t very fond of her, when I got my iPhone Siri and I spent a lot if time talking now we don’t speak at all… Hahaha

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Use it all the time Thad. I use it to set reminders.