Do you use a wand or water broom to rinse after a surface cleaner?

After using a surface cleaner, do you prefer a wand or a water broom? If water broom, what model would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.


Definitely wand!
I’ve used my water broom once or twice then put it away to gather cobwebs

I use a wand, i considered the broom but after watching a few vids it look like it would take a lot longer.

partially opened ball valve works the best imho


Yep. Once you’re done detailing the corners and popping up any gum that may be there, the fastest way to rinse is with just the ball valve.


Ball Valve here too. This way you dont even have to go back to the truck to grab your wand. Just disconnect and fire away.

Want to sell it? We have a specific need.