Do you think this is a good deal?

I want a little npr for a roof cleaning rig as well as for residential house washing. I dont know if there is enough space though but it seems like a good deal for the truck. Could maybe pull the body off and put a flat bed on.

Seems like a good deal to me at only 5k! Ive been lookin around for one of these in good shape for a while. Id buy that one if it wasnt 2190 miles from me.

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Yeah I am torn because i have been roof cleaning out of the back of my tacoma lately. I need another truck to add another window cleaning crew but not necessarily “need” a roof cleaning truck to make money. If i had the extra $5,000 i would just buy both! But this has been the best big truck deal that i have seen lately. Any idea what the cost would be to put a flatbed on the truck instead of that box?

I just bought one this winter, still building it. Picked it up for 3200 at an auction. I’ve driven it here n there , awesome trucks. The storage space is amazing

That box is the best part of the truck. Have you went and seen it? The little side door on the passenger side is awesome. Myne came with electric stacked Hannay reels and 600ft of kuri tec hose

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Not sure on cost, look around craigslist for some flatbeds but i agree with @Patriotspwashing the fiberglass body is the best part about those trucks and you wont have to worry about corrosion.

I’ll never understand why you guys want to run a newer diesel when you don’t need to. If you are a former diesel mechanic and know the Isuzu’s like the back of your hand then by all means. Ninety nine percent of the time this is not the case and these trucks will be stuck in a shop multiple times for weeks on end and the few bucks you saved on fuel will come nowhere near 5k-7k repair bill. Diesels are extremely costly to repair when they go down and trust me when I say very few mechanics actually know their way around diesels.

This comment confuses me. Are you saying buy a newer diesel or an older one? Or do you mean stay away from diesel all together.

If you absolutely have to have a diesel for whatever reason I’d stick with a mechanical diesel for a 1-1/2 ton truck and smaller. For instance a 5.9l 12 valve Cummins or a 7.3l IDI for the smaller rigs. If it’s a larger truck I’d get a International 4700 with a DT466. If it’s anything else I’d pass and get a gasser. That NPR has a low buy in for a reason.

If you want new diesels and you’re making more money than you know what to do with go lease trucks from Paclease and let them fix it.

I own three work trucks with Ford’s 6.8l gas V10’s and they are plenty for toting around 19,200lbs day in a day out. I have 300k miles on my oldest.