Do you even need chemicals?

That’s pretty much a firing offence if my guys do that intentionally

I’ve had to lift on side up an inch or two to blow a rock out but I’ve never really tried to push water with it. Just usually grab a floor squeegee

On the edges I will tilt the SC, not at a 45 or anything, and it will push the dirt off to the side of the yard and not down the concrete. So say the concrete pitches from the garage to the street downwards and you are moving perpindicular (across the top). Rather than carry the dirt from under the surface cleaner and push it over the edge where it blasts dirt grass and mucks up the underside and the skirting.

The bar isn’t hitting. Nozzles are dragging. The fan pattern and pressure pushes it over. The SC sometimes tends to carry the dirt with it, I clear it out. I never start my surface cleaner flat, it is always tilted, just to avoid any spikes. One mistake on my driveway so I am always cautious.

To each his own, guess I wouldn’t be working for IBS, I do it everytime.

I’m just a safety kinda guy, probably to the extreme. We never pull the trigger unless the skirt in on the concrete and never pick it up until the bar stops spinning. I don’t want a tenant to catch a flying rock, or a car for that matter.

You do way more of it than I do. I mainly just do the sidewalks by peoples houses and the occassional drive.

I messed up my own concrete before I started this gig, so I am always cautious. The one thing I do differently than others that I have seen is I always use a backpack blower first, then I blow out expansion joints with my m5ds if not caulked (the state uses anti skid and salt which is just like pea gravel and it comes off the tires and gets into all the nooks and crannies). I also bring a flat shovel with me, as I have to push back the gravel, river rock, or grass often. Then I hit it with my HW mix before I clean it.

Ricks video, although I like to bust his chops about it being 16 hr long, is probably the best video I have watched.

I can honestly say that I have never once worried about the skirt getting debris in it or anything like that and if I’m dragging dirt across the surface then it just means that at least it’s freed from the surface and can be easily rinsed away. Not that what you’re saying is wrong or a waste of time or whatever just that it has never even been a consideration for me personally. I follow the KISS method as closely as possible. I just soap it, dwell it, wash it, rinse it, collect pesos and roll on. The other little intricacies are probably lost on me.

Reminds me of the “how do you rinse” thread I saw on here a while back. I didn’t bother to read it all but it’s amazing to me how focused some folks are on the little things like rinsing at a 45° angle and all that goodness. I just try not to rinse against the overlaps and other than that I couldn’t care less how it gets done just as long as there’s not soap left behind when I’m finished.

Regardless, do what works for you and makes you feel at ease. But IBS is right you should definitely be careful tilting that SC up on its side around people and valuables. I’ve had rocks shoot out like a rocketship bound for outer space before. Wouldn’t want to take out Granny’s eye!

I tilt mine up very slightly to clear mud when necessary.

You clean more than I do, I am a part timer. I had to teach myself, as we all do. I liken my method to when you cleaned a barracks floor, work backwards, don’t put dirty water where you cleaned, and rinse mop thoroughly.

I don’t worry about rocks, because I backpack blow it down first with my stihl 550 backpack blower. I use it on concrete, around retaining walls, and especially when I am removing paint from foundations with the turbo. By the way, thanks for the advice on that, that is singlehandidly the easiest money I make. Turbo, backblow the chips into the grass, I’ll take a check now please. Dirty work, but really satisying and fast.

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Dirty hands clean money my friend! Glad I could help you. You’ve helped me plenty. Which backpack blower do you have? I need to pick one up for the house for leaves this fall.

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Ah crap I missed the 550 part. That’s what I’ll probably end up with, too. Great blowers.

I never empty mine, use it year round. I use it in winter to get the dusting snow or light drifts off the drive. It is a little heavy, but once you get used to it, it is a swing up on one shoulder, throw the other shoulder in and go. They make a bigger one, but I talked to about 5 different landscapers who all used the 550’s. Mine is about 5 years old, it replaced a smaller unit and honestly it was pricey but worth every penny.

I’ve owned a few 550’s when I had my mowing business. They’re great blowers and probably the best combo of cost to performance in the Stihl lineup. That’s what I was leaning towards when I’m ready to buy one.

To add to this topic, I did a house yesterday and had a spot on the driveway where my hw mix ran onto it and sat for about 10 minutes before I rinsed it off with a garden hose. I had to snap a pic for this topic because it shows what even just a 1% SH mix can do and how pretreating will really make cleaning concrete easier.

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They make quite a few bigger ones…
The BR600 (my favorite all around combo), the BR700 and then two different versions of the BR800. One of the BR800’s allows for you to be able to restart the blower while it is still on your back which would be practical for when you need to take a phone call, talk to a client face-to-face, or if you were doing a large area where you wouldn’t need the blower running for two minutes while you walk from one area to the other.

What kind of surface cleaner do you have? Sounds like a pos lol

I have the 60 V Dewalt blower that works really good. I use it on flatworm but I also use it around houses (under the eaves, the walls and everything else that gets washed) first because it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to deal with the cobwebs. Takes about five minutes to go around a standard size house to do this but probably saves me 20 minutes of rinsing

They didn’t have those features available when I bought mine. I kind of would like the restart while on my back, then again, I don’t use it very long.

I don’t know about he bigger ones, but mine will move 2b gravel and river rock out of the way, all the trash, and it will move that stupid double shredded mulch into the neighbors yard if I am not careful. Why not just put down topsoil, that is what that junk is going to be in 2 years of sun and rain.

I use it at house washes too, especially ones with leaves and deep corners holding stuff (bilco doors to basements always have those piles). Maybe it doesn’t save time, guess I would have to time it to know for sure, but I feel that rinsing that stuff away takes longer. Leaves seem to stick to everything once wet, which I find annoying, especially the half rotted ones that blast apart into 100 pieces.

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