Discolored concrete or tinted sealer


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Sealing takes place all year round here too, we try to knock it out before the sun heats up the surface- application is easier and finish is better.
Not so crucial in the first coat which we thin out to aid penetration but final coats are much better applied to a cool surface imo
But if u can seal hot concrete without any dramas then that’s great actually I’m interested to know how u apply and what coatings u guys use ?


Water base and solvent based sealers. First coat on virgin pavers is 2to1 or 3to1 depending on the brand of sealer and surface being sealed. Second and if needed third coat is usually 50/50


We uses a10 gallon sprayer and a 1.4@100 psi 12 volt pump. Works well with any sealer I’ve used even cheap Thompson wood sealer


Thanks for sharing, I have never been game to run dealer thru my airless setups I’m going to have to give the 12v a crack and see how it goes!
Any suggestions on tip/nozzle type ? I guess size of tip varies with viscosity of sealer and fan width needed?
Sealer not dealer lol


I use 100ft 3/8 hose with a poly gun. Tip is 60degree #12 orfice . It’s worked good on all sealers so far. It’s a nice even spray pattern


Awesome thanks heaps u may have just saved me a lot of time!


Anytime buddy


The cart is just a cheap folding hand cart

Downstreaming vs (soft washing)

Sealer doesn’t seize your pump or clog anything up? I remember doing that with a 4 or 5 gal pump up and hated life lol.


Fill it back up with water and a small box of baking soda through it when you done and it will be fine


Do you let it sit like that or rinse it out with water and baking soda? Is that for water based sealers?


Rince it out . I fill the tank back up with water then pour in the box of baking soda mit it really well the pump it through like your spraying sealer until the tank is empty. I’ve only had to replace one pump over the last few years. I’m not huge on sealer probably less than 20 jobs a year but it’s worked fine. Biggest problem is Cleaning out the tank so the pump doesn’t get clogged the sealer leave a paper thin coat that every now and then will peal off the inside of the tank


90 percent water based sealer . Solvent based sealer is not for my humid climate.


Ok I’ll have to give it a try, I’ve been wanting to use a tank and 12v setup just couldn’t figure out what would clean the system best. Thanks.


What reel is that?

Also, what size is that tank?


I have a mix of titan and hannay reels . The tanks are 2x225 buffer 1 225 tank for SH AND 1 50gallon for OX


If you meant the sealer cart . It’s a cheep NT 10 gallon tank and a cheep harbor freight hose reel with 100’ of cheep 3/8 braided hose. . Don’t spend to much on anything. The sealer will eventually make you replace it


Yep, meant the sealer cart. Thanks.