Dirty Stucco Cleaned with simple 12v setup

Cleaned a local bank today that had some pretty bad stucco stains from roof run off. Applied a hot mix right at 5% with 1/2 oz of elemonator per gallon with my 12 volt and rinsed with low pressure. Had to use 25 degree tip in a few places but overall it was 95% low pressure tips. I don’t use my 12 volt much but it sure comes in handy when needed. I have a super simple setup and thought I would share for those who don’t want to invest in a pre built setup. Pictures are attached. Thats my wife rinsing the plants. She just loves working on Saturdays.


Good work. That’s a hot mix, I would have went with 3% and bumped it up if necessary. Looks like some heavy build up in some areas.


I downstreamed everything except the bad stains. Went ahead with the 5% percent because I know some of the stains would need it and didn’t want to have to keep changing my mix.

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Interesting, that’s way simpler than I expected it could be. Pump, hose, wand, pail, battery. I could probably fit that in my little trailer.

You could. 12 volt systems take up an extremely small footprint.

@colbydent11 Looks great! Nice work!

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Yeah I just have my pump screwed down to the floor. Doesn’t take up much room at all and have less than 500 dollars in the whole setup. I always flush my pump really good after every use and it’s been working flawlessly for over a year.


Old thread but what does 3% or 5% mixes mean?

I down stream with a pressure washer and usually use the 10% SH one… if someone could shed light on this. Is using the 10% too hot?

Edit: Never mind I figured it out

Research that question and you’ll find yourself knowledgeable before you know it.

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