Different designations for number of posts

Since this board is cloned from the WCR board (which is how some of us have been members for years on a VBulletin BBS that was created in April) there are a few things that don’t carry over.
One is the member designation, since on WCR you’re ranked by number of posts by squeegee, like “brass squeegee” or whatever.

So, what should the ranking system be here? I like the idea of tip color. It makes sense if you remember the color coded tips that probably came with your first pressure washer and it’s ironic, which appeals to my sense of humor. New posters start as a “Red Tip” etc., all the way to “Black Tip”.

Of course that’s just one idea and since it’s mine I really like it but please give some more suggestions! Throw it out there and let’s come up with something cool.

How about GPM designations? Start at 4 GPM and work your way up to 10GPM!

I think the red, yellow, green, white and black tips would be good designations. [MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION], as a founder, you could be a Brass SoftWash™ Tip?

I like the color tips, that’s cool, but shouldn’t the RED tip being the strongest tip be the top designation???

I dunno.
I thought of it as red being the one that the newbies grab first and start carving up the world and going down in pressure as they’re more experienced. Which come next, green or yellow?

We used a black tip today. 6540, ordered it from Bob. Wanted to try it to see if we could lower the plant rinsing pressure a bit.

That sucker is wide, as in really wide. Now it’s in the top drawer of the tool box where it will sit until it falls to the bottom.

Yeah, I remember thinking that the thing was going to spray me in the back of the head way back when.
I like a 1540 for soaping and rinsing now.

I think it’s like the traffic lights… Red, yellow, green.

Ahhh…I see your point…I tell all rookies they can’t touch a red tip for the first two years…they have to earn it…I guess either way works though.

What about something completely non-pressure washing?
I can’t think of anything right now, though.

What about just stars or something like that? KISS! lol

I like that…

I like the color scheme. Go for it Thad !

I have no opinion but this is pretty important stuff!

My Red tip is my fav. tip…and only tip i ever use!!!
Red tips rule on gum…

Just joking NOOB’s

When we clean multilevel parking structures, we use the Turbo twisters. We have the motors upgraded to the 14 HP. We then modify them to rotate at over 3,000 RPM’s. Result, a very aggressive surface cleaner with the ability to clean 1.75 times FASTER then any non motorized surface cleaner.

We are planing on building another one at 7 ft wide with zero degree tips soon after our trailer is built.

It is! If we can come to a consensus I can get it done…

Hey Dave!

:slight_smile: Tip of the cap to you Chris! Hope all is well and you have fun with the rental tool this weekend.

Maybe something like this?

I prefer the proper pump/tip combo to avoid steps when possible. Where’s the iPhone smiley face?