Difference between the Honda V-twins

I honestly tried to do a search…

The Honda GX 630, 660 and 690 have the same exact specs, yet different HP ratings. They use different cams or something?

On a side note, would my 630 theoretically power an 8gpm/3000 pump if/when I choose to upgrade? The formula puts it needing almost 22hp, a smidge over what I have.

If you are gonna upgrade…upgrade. Get the GX690 @3500psi…although, it won’t quite achieve 3500 according to IBS…about 2hp short to get the 3500psi.

I’m just asking. No plan to upgrade for the next few years, just got my machine.:ok_hand:

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The difference is usually the
Timing/ flywheel

One noticable difference will be fuel range.

The 690 eats up gas like a boss compared to the 630.

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My 690 is GREAT on gas…

It is 2yrs old and it has never burned 4gals in full day of work…which, for me, would be 6hrs of run time.

Have you ever had a 630 to compare it too?

Big difference between the two with fuel consumption.

Not on a washer…but yes, on a regular pump and there is little difference in my experience.

Gotta be a hotter cam or something. If you look at the HP graph, the 690 is just getting started at 3600 rpm, which makes sense. The 630 levels out at that RPM.

I ran out of gas with a 9 gallon tank by 2pm today. Doing miles of sidewalks though. Washing buildings it will run a full 9 or 10 hours

Yeah, I guess it was working harder than mine does washing a house…staying on the trigger a lot more… And, I imagine with washing those large buildings that you are on the trigger a kit more even just washing buildinga…as compared to my house washes.

I am really amazed at how efficient mine is. I was just commenting on it to my wife the other day

Wait really? I guess soft-washing consumes a lot less fuel than higher pressure hot-water washing because I routinely go through 10 gallons or so in a 8-10 hour day washing fleet.

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Did she care?

Not being smart, but i can see the lack of giving a crap on my wifes face now.

Not one bit…in one ear and out the other…but that is fine with me as I deserve it based on how I listen to her commenting on her stuff.:grinning:

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Lol, unfortunately i hate to say i can totally relate

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My wife keeps up with every dollar spent. She cares lol