Did I mess up?

Alright so before I found this forum, I had purchased some equipment. Nothing too huge, I have a full time job 4-1, just wanted to make a little more money in the side, and I used to PW when I was younger and enjoyed it. After reading on here for the past month or so I’m starting to think I may have messed up in what I have purchased, not a huge mess up, but a mistake nine the less. I was wondering if I could get some input from you all.

Pressure Washer : Pressure Pro E4040HA Heavy Duty Professional 4,000 PSI 4.0 GPM Honda Gas Powered Pressure Washer With AR Pump 13HP

Surface Cleaner : 4000 Psi 20" Whirl-A-Way

So was this a huge mistake or will I at least be able to use for a side gig until it burns out or I upgrade?

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You’re fine, use it and upgrade when possible. Research equipment on here then decide what your upgrade should be.


Well that’sa relief.

That’s not all that different than what I started with, and way better than anything you’ll get at home depot. You’ll just have to move painfully slow with that 20 inch surface Cleaner. But it’s way better than having no surface Cleaner.
My next upgrade will be a window washing pole, then a soft wash system. Make sure you carry insurance. It’s really cheap, and it’ll save your ■■■ bigtime if you break a window or mess something up.

Yea definitely, I’m already on the insurance train.

Please be careful with thar 4000 psi. Use nozzles on the surface cleaner that drop it down to about 2300.

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Ya I’m using 25025s

This statement might get me banned, but here it goes:

I love my 4/4 and have zero interest going bigger, I don’t want to mess around with buffer tanks for more GPM. It makes me great money house washing, and that’s all I do basically.

So, yes, the pw you have can be a money maker, but it won’t earn you much respect here :joy:

Edit:. Might as well go all the way with this, IT’S DIRECT DRIVE TOO!


Don’t you have a little trailer to pull everything around? Even if you don’t go bigger I would still add a small buffer just for the benefit of bypassing.

The reason you have zero interest in going bigger is because you have no idea what you’re missing. :grinning: It saves so much more time which means either more money made each day or more time off work. Ask @dcbrock about the difference. He went through the whole machine upgrade thing recently and is now a huge believer. I’m not sure if he started with smaller than a 4 gpm but I think he did. He then went to a 4 gpm. Decided to upgrade to a 5.5 gpm and was super impressed. He then went to an 8 gpm and he’s definitely hooked.

I’m not one to push equipment choices though. I try and recommend why one should go with certain equipment but to each their own. If you’re happy with it that’s all that matters. Nobody ever regrets going with more gpm though.

It’s not the end of the world your only 4 bolts away from a 5.5, upgrade the pump when you pick up more business. Problem > solution


Can you guys help me with parts, what do I need to turn this female?

That’s a tricky one. You’ll probably need an inverted street 90 and one (maybe two) compression couplers so that you don’t compromise the integrity of the inversion.

Or, possibly call Bruce Jenner’s doctor and see what he says.


Unscrew it and replace it with this. https://pressuretek.com/1-4-mpt-stainless-steel-coupler/

That site basically has all the connections you could ever need so look through it when trying to figure out what you want.

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What is for the time being I was to put a female on both ends of the hose, will that work?

Absolutely not. It would be a disaster the likes of which you could never even imagine. Don’t even consider it.

@DisplacedTexan Aw come on. Tell us how it ends! Curious minds want to know… ya know…without actually doing the experiment ourselves.

Well I definitely considered it, but now I won’t do it lol.
I’ll have to postpone my job tomorrow.

Try it and find out for yourself. It’s not pretty.

I trust you, I didn’t think it would work, I figured there were two different ends, that fit each other snugly for a reason.

In this day and age I’m surprised we’re still allowed to call them male and female fittings. That might hurt someone’s feelings.