Describing rust removal services


Just got off the phone with my web new company who has been great so far! Ive spoken to them about changing some things like grouping rust removal/graffiti removal together, offering discounts etc. One thing he asked me to do was give them a little description on it via email and i just cant seem to come up with anything off the top of my head. A few ideas he had were “what causes rust?” “how do we remedy the issue?” “what surfaces can we take care of rust stains on” etc. Obviously i can explain to them what surfaces we can offer rust removal on but the rest im drawing a blank. I dont want to describe the step by step process to them as that can be tedious or push on to them that they should be doing it themselves. Any ideas gentlemen?


Your topic ideas are good, just go with that, but don’t guarantee 100% removal


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I’m replying to the person who posted originally

If you’re talking about the edit i made, then all i did to his post was categorize it under the right category which i figured it was a marketing question