Deficit? No problem, just print more money

and you forgot the threat of executive order to take guns for the next step to a tyrannical government.

Pretty pathetic things happening in the gov’t today.

Have you seen this? Where is the media coverage? Man Shot Down in San Antonio Theater Shooting.

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That gun topic is a hot one here because ofnthe CT shooting. I believe in the right to bear arms but I do support here at least to ban assault weapons such as AK-47,machine guns,bazookas(don’t even know if you legally own that one).

Another hot topic here. Do you support an armed security to be stationed at every school? I love when these polls come out. They can’t afford to hire armed security so they want to take the cops off the streets and put them in the schools. Typical panic reaction.

Don’t forget I live in an area where there’s probably 15,000,000 people of not more in a hundred mile radius from where I live. The thought of some of these loons owning assault weapons is a bit scary.

Few things that frustrate me

  1. What people call “assualt weapons” are not assault weapons…for example, the famous evil Bushmaster .223 “AR15” is not an “assualt weapon”. It functions just like a rifle used for hunting.

See video: What Is An "Assault Rifle"? - You've Probably Been Lied To - YouTube

  1. “The AR15 is designed to kill” If I wanted to design a gun to kill it wouldn’t be a round that is a slight hair larger in diameter than a .22

  2. “AR” in AR15 stand for “Assault Rifle”…WRONG…it stands for “ArmaLite” which is the manufacturer that came up with the design.

  3. “Gun free zones” in school, theaters etc…do you see mass shootings at gun shows? Nope.

Lastly, the 2nd amendment is there not for hunting, competitions or clubs, it’s for defending yourself against a tyrannical government. You can’t do that if you only have a freakin’ bolt action.


John, as a cop, it is sad to see how little you know about guns and it is scary to hear you talk like you are an expert in a uniform.

In the past 20 years firearm ownership has almost doubled and violent crime has dropped - this is according to the FBI stats

Areas with strict gun laws have more violent crime than areas with fewer gun laws

You are about 12 times more likely to be killed with bare hands, feet or stabbed than you are to be shot with a rifle of any sort

More people are killed every year from medical malpractice than firearms

More people are killed in vehicles than killed with firearms

Over 20,000 gun laws on the books now and bad guys still do bad things with guns. The problem is NOT the guns, its the people!

When face-to-face with a bad guy, a gun in the hand is far better than a cop on the phone

“Amid Republican opposition to raising the debt ceiling without spending cuts, some Democrats including House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi have proposed invoking the Constitution’s 14th amendment and minting a platinum coin with a face value of $1 trillion to pay government bills.”

This scares me much more than the idea of my buddy JT with a “machine gun”, both the idea and the mentality behind it.

Trey, you are right on. The biggest thing that I hate hearing is you don’t need an assault rifle to hunt. As you said the second amendment is not meant to protect our right to hunt. It protects our right to protect ourselves and our families. If I’m under attack in my home a high capacity semi auto rifle will do a lot more than a 6 shot revolver or better yet a phone call to 911 and waiting for the police to save me.

I’m a retired police officer and I’ll be the first to tell you you need to protect yourself because we can’t be there in time to protect you from some one motivated to kill you.

Ouch… JC Why you beating me down…ouch ouch ouch…

Thought I might hit a nerve voicing an opinion. Yea I’m the last guy you want to talk to about knowledge on guns. Own a few but never had an interest to be a gun buff. On assault rifles there are some in there(not all) that where I live we can do without.

Also don’t ask me any cop questions-- my wife knows more about the law then I do:rolleyes:

You sure about that Thad… Just think of Pacino in Scarface. “Say hello to my little friend”…lol
Oh yea …Nancy Pelosi is a train wreck

it wasn’t personal, it was more towards most cops and many of the general public.

BTW, which ones can YOU live without and why? - I ask because I see a teaching opportunity here

Scareface was fictional, bad guy vs bad guy

Like I said earlier, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.

The one thing I never wanted to hear was when we would go to a family dispute and the people involved had guns. No matter how you look at that. If they were illegal obviously there’s a problem. If they legally had these guns and where talking permits here etc. We had to voucher there guns depending on what the allegations were.

So legal or not… Family disputes can turn deadly towards the cop when there’s potential for guns in here. This is something that most people don’t have to deal with because there not walking into another mans house to diffuse a situation.

So that’s my take on that in case someone is curious.

As for what assault weapons off hand that I personally don’t see why everyone who owns a gun should also be able to have this one around the house-- The AK-47. Remember I support the right to bear arms. I also am not a card carrying member of the NRA because I don’t need to be or have an interest to be either.

Somewhere lines are drawn. They have to be or people would be carrying all kinds of bombs,machine guns etc in there house.

I don’t need a loon to flip out and then decide to go to A McDonalds and start shooting up the whole place with an AK-47 that’s been done In the past. And there will not be any good carrying gun guys in that McDonalds also packing an AK-47 to stop that guy no matter what people say.

So that major killing machine - I would say no good…

They are not assault weapons John, that term was coined by the liberal crazys in the early 90’s who wanted to create fear. They function in the same manner as most other guns in the US.

Oh and to point something else out, only the handguns were used in the CT shooting. The rifle was found in the trunk of the car.

If you ban assault weapons, only criminals and police/military will have them. That may seem like a good idea to some, but no law can be written to force a criminal to turn in his illegal weapon until he uses it in a crime. Then it’s too late. The old adage that guns don’t kill people, people do may be getting overused, but it still stands. If some one wants to walk into a McDonald’s and kills people, he does not need an AK-47 to do it. He can do so with any fire arm or none at all. We keep looking at guns as the problem. There are tons of underlying reasons someone does such a horrible act. It has nothing to do with the fact he has a gun to carry it out with. Education, jobs, the economy, family values, all need to be improved and then maybe there will be less people who feel hopelessly drawn to a violent conclusion.

Look at Chicago’s gun laws and look at their murder rate VS Kennesaw GA’s rate .

/end of argument

Ok Trey & Phil so let’s break this down. First off Trey says there really not assault weapons… If there not then there’s no discussion. So Phil since your a retired cop are there assault weapons out there and what are they?
Let’s start with the facts first… And where buddies in here so there is no bad guy bad guy in here.

What I was referring to as assault rifles is what the media has called them. I believe Trey I saying that the media used assault to create a fear that certain weapons are more deadly than others. For the sake of this discussion, I refer to the the military style high capacity semi auto rifles that most of us have come to understand as assault rifles. Sorry no intention to attack you or anyone else on this or any other topic. Some topics are more important to me and its hard to stay silent. Lets keep it going v

Sure Phil where all good no matter where this discussion ends. That’s as all of us in here who may participate in this discussion.

So let’s go with what Trey said that its the liberal media that named these certain guns Assault weapons. I think if I remember correctly in 87 when I was in the NYPD academy we were taught what was considered assault weapons…so I can’t vouch for the 90’s media coming with that term for certain type of weapons… I do believe though big time there is a very big liberal media all across this nation… So it’s fair to say there is most definitely that.

Is there anywhere that you or Trey draw the line where you think some type of weapon(as in AK-47’s, machine guns,sub machine guns like the Uzi) should not be allowable for your everyday legal gun carrying person should have the right to own them?
If those above guns you guys think is OK to own how about this one--

Would that gun be to much? Or is it that there should be no limit in how deadly as in mass amounts the above gun for example can kill yet is should still be OK to own any type gun??Where do you draw the line and say… “yes we have the right to own a gun…but maybe not that one”

K you guys go

I think anything that’s fully auto should be banned or restricted to law enforcement. The link you posted is a bit much. AN AR-15, AK-47, Bushmaster .223, and several others like these are perfect home defense weapons. There are those that say a high powered rifle can go through walls and possibly kill an innocent person in the next room or house down the block. That’s also true for a hunting rifle, an no one wants to ban those. I’m all for stricter background checks, making all sales of weapons go through a federal firearms dealer and a 10 or 15 day waiting period even on private sales of firearms. I don’t think that there should be a ban on the typical ar-15 or similar weapon in semi auto. Some people have labeled weapons as assault simply because of the fierce appearance of them. No cannons or full auto anything. The law as it stands now, I believe is fine. Most states have written their own laws. Here in Idaho many things are legal that arent in other states. Silencers are legal here also. That’s another area of debate I suppose.

What about you. Should we ban an AR-15 that fires a .223 round and not the ruger mini 14 ranch rifle that fires that same round? That’s what they did many years ago and the mini 14 had a 14 round clip, but a 30 round clip was available through after market dealers. Gets confusing. When law makers ban a certain weapon, the gun makers build another one that is not on the list. Where do we draw a line? Here in Idaho, AR-15’s are very popular as a varmint (coyote) rifle. Coyotes are fast and hard to kill. I higher capacity magazine makes it easier to put down one of those wiley critters.

I personally do not own any assault weapons. Actually only own a few weapons. Not really a gun nut like you may think by my stance on this. I am more of a conservative, don’t mess with the constitution kind of guy.