Deck stains

Ok deck guys, this may be an unanswerable question but I’m going to ask anyway. I have used Ready Seal and TWP and like both. I was wondering if anybody has used Baker’s Grey Away. Wanted to get thoughts or opinions on those three stains. I read a review on Baker’s that said it wasn’t as good as TWP. Ready Seal is very user friendly. Just trying to get it down to one stain to offer customers. Thanks for any input on this.

I think specific environmental factors, notably humidity and amount of direct sunlight play a big role. When you see folks here and there that have shared over the years with many repeat customers, it’s a good indicator that the products they are sharing works for them. AC RS and Bakers are the big three I hear about with TWP given plenty of respect as well. The non drying plus drying oils coupled with the ease of use and low maintenance versus acrylics are the characteristics you are looking for. For me, Ready Seal is easily available from a local distributor and has shown me consistently good results so far. If Bakers or AC were just as available I would without a doubt use them and feel okay with it based upon other’s experience. Only thing you can do is implement the use of it and see how it goes. Follow up with your clients and impress the importance of proper preparation beforehand as well as annual maintenance and then bi annual maintenance from that point forward. Instill confidence in them that you will be there with them for the care of their deck, and then do it. With every deck being different, relative to landscaping or exposure to UV, previous care or lack thereof, type of wood etc, it’s helpful to just let them know it will require a somewhat predictable maintenance plan based upon your observations and that you will be there to help them determine what’s best and when.

Good to see you around by the way. Hope your winter went well.

Thanks John. Good winter, ready for it to be gone. Hope you are ready to roll this year.

I hear a lot of good things about Bakers. Gonna push it this season.

John Devine.

Lots of preparation this winter getting ready to roll. Things are positioned well. Sold my two largest sales to date in one day today. I love this business.