Deck Stain Sealer

We will wash a deck for a customer but we dont offer any type of stain or sealer. We are usually getting it prepped for the homeowner to do seal themselves.

Im going to be doing my deck this weekend, and Im thinking of going with a darker color. What brand do you all prefer?

Armstrong Clark semi transparent.

Ready seal seems to be the fan favorite from everything I’ve read

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Thanks guys

Chris - Ready Seal is awesome to use and great results!

Thanks for the recommendation… I think thats the kind I am going to get… Turns out my neighbor used that and his deck looks great.

We’ve used tons and tons of Armstrong Clark I think that is one of the best stains out there. However just about any commercial oil based stain will run laps around what you can find in the store. TWP, Bakers Gray Away, Armstrong Clark, Ready Seal all oil based stain, they perform differently of course but all pretty good.

Hey Charlie, how’s it going? Good advice on the stains.

Deck stain sealers which are epoxy fortified help keep your deck from turning gray or green and having to be re-sealed or re-stained. The epoxy fortification contains a chemical which helps prevent some UV light while another chemical in the same stain helps absorb some of it.

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Yeahhh…no. Don’t listen to this guy, epoxy is for garage floors you don’t put on a wood deck unless you want a finish youll never be able to maintain, that will trap moisture, and peel in less than a year

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We sell Armstrong Clark and Ready Seal. So far, we have had very good success with both products.

Any thoughts on Wood Defender? I have been looking at their program. They have a nice set up where they teach you how to spray fences, sell spray equipment to do it, in an effort to get contractors to buy their product. They have a training class in Dallas, TX. I was planning on checking it out for an add on to my business. Anyone heard of them? Comments?

I love both Armstrong Clark and Ready Seal. I think AC has an edge over Ready Seal on IPE because it has both penetrating and surface build qualities. IPE is very dence and it is tough to find any stain to penetrate it very deeply. The part of AC that does penetrate into the IPE bonds with the part that builds on the surface so you get a finish that will last longer than RS.

Both AC and RS are great on pressure treated, but there is not another stain on the market (that I know of) that is easier to apply than Ready Seal. Some say it is bad about fading, but I do not put RS on in one or two coats and leave it at that. I put it on with medium coats until the wood will not take any more. After fifteen or twenty minutes if there is any stain puddled on the surface of the wood, I will back brush it out or wipe it up. With that technique, I have decks out there that I stained three and four years ago that still look great. I have a few decks around that are exposed to intense sunlight all day long every day of the year and I will go out and apply a very light maintenance coat (no stripping required to recoat over RS) every other year or so just to freshen up the color.

Thanks for posting that Len. That is great feedback.

how did your deck turn out chris?

I did Tim it came out ok… It only took me 3 months :slight_smile:

what did you end up using for stain? were you happy with it?

I use Armstrong Clark and Deck Scape Solid Acrylic.

Did you do your deck yet Chris?