Deck question

Working on a deck with sikkens stain on it! What a pain in my can!!! I’m using HD 80 twice the strength it calls for and still not peeling this stuff off very well. Any suggestions on what is best for this would be great. Thanks

I learned this years ago. You can not make HD-80 any stronger then the strongest mix they say. Another words you can’t add in let’s say twice the amount of HD-80 powder to make the mix twice as strong as what there mix is for max strength. Kind of like you can’t make Sodium Hypochlorite stronger then what it is like in my case which is rated @ 15%.

You can try dwelling for a longer period of time with your HD-80 but Sikkens is a byatch to completely strip. You may have to look into some stronger type strippers that come in a paste form for example. A sander may help some here as well.

The other case is to go with a solid stain but that’s always a shame IMHO to cover the true beauty of the wood.

You need to boost your stripper with propylene glycol (the safe anti freeze) or some butyl. Sometimes aggitating it with a brush also helps.

Ok guys thanks for the info. I’ll keep trying w a smile!!!

Hey Brian take before during and after pics if you can. It would be cool to see this here so we can all learn together. Sikkens is a bear to deal with but its been slayed before.