Deck & Pressure Washing Hose

Hello Everybody,

Had a quick question. When you guys are doing apartment buildings and you are on the second, third story etc decks, what do you guys do to keep the hose from sliding back down. Normally i just make a huge loop and force it inbetween the railing but eventually with all the vibration it comes undone and the hose pulls you back (we all know how dangerous that can be specially if youre not expecting it).

I was considering maybe making a prussik knot but not sure if it will hold a wet hose.

Any advice?

It will hold. I use it on anything I have to go up stairs for.

What he said. It will hold. Make it easy on yourself though. Don’t bid doing the floor on the balconies. Keep your feet on the ground

^he’s the one that told me to use it in the first place. Lol

I drape the hose over the railing and I use a 2 foot piece of 14 wire to twisted around railing and over the hose to keep it from sliding back down.

This is a whip hose in my garage but you get the point.


Wire, what a great idea !

It has so many uses. I always keep 10’ in my trailer. It’s better than bungee cords.


Thanks guys for the great help